NY Daily News on Brooklyn Heights Bargains

The NY Daily News takes a look at Brooklyn Heights bargains today.  The article prominently features Pauline from Mr. Video III and shouts out Variety Mart, Diva Salon, Peas ‘n’ Pickles and of course:

NY Daily News: TAKEOUT: Great Wall, 60 Henry St.; (718) 855-2630

Only two items on the menu of this Chinese takeout are more than $10. The lunch specials are only $5.26, and all-day combination platters are $6. The place is open seven days a week.

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  • AEB

    Great Wall? I’ve heard of it. How’s the food?

  • AEB

    (Jest joshin’. Duh!)

  • andy

    Peas and Pickles a bargain??? Only if you like iced over expired Ben and Jerry’s!!!

  • AEB

    Oh, come on, Andy! Pistols at dawn on Pineapple Walk?

    Ps and Ps isn’t heaven on earth, but the prices are generally good (especially in comparison to its dread neighbor, Gougesteds), and the staff is a delight. Especially Eugene, the daytime checkout guy.

    And the victuals are just fine (minus the deli and fresh fish stuff, which no one would buy, anyway).

  • GHB

    Actually, P & P has really good fresh fish

  • mc

    Glad to see the shout out for Mr. Video, especially Pauline. The mom and pop neighborhood video shop is almost extinct, but our local version seems to be alive and kicking. My family and I made the decision to forego Netflix and pay-per-view in the interest of helping keep these wonderful folks in business. I’m sure we’re not the only ones, because when I’m in there, business seems to be good. I’m sure their rent has also not been raised into the stratosphere, and is realistic enough to allow them to remain in business.

  • http://elonanit.blogspot.com Tina

    They neglected to mention that though Happy Days is cheap the food and service is disgusting.

    RE: Peas n Pickles…. I did price test – yes I’m that nerdy – because I hate Gristedes. I love that, Annies Mac N Cheese – well it was SEVEN DOLLARS a box at Gristedes and somewhere around $3.99 at Peas n Pickles. I never go to Gristedes anymore and like to support the smaller shop anyway.

  • few

    Great Wall is the best Chinese food in Brooklyn. Finally a little recognition.

  • AEB

    You’re joking, right, few? I mean, if it is, the borough needs to do some serious culinary soul-searching…..

  • few

    Don’t knock it ’til you’re tried it. Probably 1% of the people here have actually been, yet they trash it all the time. It’s a hidden gem. Granted, they need to spruce up the place — but that doesn’t affect the taste.

  • velvetflip

    What a shame that the authors of this article clearly missed the mark on several of their suggestions. For example:

    Variety Mart – Completely overpriced for what it is. Better off going to Brunos on Court who are also overpriced but not as much as VM.

    Happy Days Diner – Cute menu, terrible food and mice spotted by 2 different people. Enough for me to never go there. Park Plaza and Grand Canyon are better options in my opinion.

    Plaza Nails – Unless something has changed in the past couple of years, their prices do not include polish. I don’t know of many women who want a mani/pedi without the polish. That’s like the best part! Heights Nails on Henry is good and cheap…and they include the polish!

    Peerless Shoe Repair – They do excellent work on repairs, but that is it. Do not bring expensive Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes to be dyed here like I did. Big mistake.

    Lassen & Hennings – Yes, they have good food, but they are one of the biggest ripoffs in the Heights. Evidenced by the fact that a salad can cost $11.00 there and about $6.00 elsewhere for the same salad. Also, love their “I Love Mom & Pops” t-shirts that they sell….for babies….for $20.00. Come on. Way to support the little guy. Brooklyn Heights Deli on Henry is fab and their rolls are DIVINE!

  • http://www.brooklyndojo.com Sensei Brian

    Brooklyn Dojo – Unlimited kids karate classes: $140/month
    Classes Monday through Friday
    As low as $4.82/class

    That’s even less than the lunch special at Great Wall!

    Compare that to ANY other commercial kids activity.

  • north heights res

    Can’t speak for the manicures, but pedicure prices include the polish at Plaza Nails, and have since I started going there in 1998.

  • AEB

    But, few, I HAVE been to Great Wall.

    The lack of a four-star (or even one-star) ambiance is, in my opinion, the least of its problems.

  • Andrew

    Few of their picks are actually bargains. Peas and Pickles is inexpensive if and only if you compare its prices to Gristedes next door. Happy Days is a deal only if you don’t have any taste sense. Their food may be cheap, but throwing away a small amount of money on inedible food is more of a waste than spending excessive amounts of money on decent to good food (e.g. sandwiches at Lassen & Hennings. Very good, but not good enough to justify the premium over the bagel store.) Mr. Video III charges $4.25 for a rental now?

  • Cranberry Beret

    The stores may be inexspensive, but the whiners on BHB…priceless!

  • Teunis

    The debate over Great Wall is silly. It’s not a four-star restaurant. It’s dingy. The service is barely tolerable. But I think there’s something special about a place that raises its own chickens, that uses primarily organic ingredients, that buys local, and gives back to the community (re: Great Wall community spelling bee). That kind of stuff doesn’t show up on fancy lists, but it’s something to be valued.

  • Monty

    @few, GW is quite good and possibly in the top few Chinese takeout places, but you know that Brooklyn has its own Chinatown, don’t you? GW doesn’t really compare to Ocean Palace on 8th Ave in the 50s.

  • few

    @Monty And North Henry Street is Brooklyn Heights’ Chinatown. GW is its crown jewel. The free range chicken, the artisanal soy sauce… superb.

    Frankly, Ocean Palace looks like Alpo compared to GW.

    And as a commenter mentions above, their community outreach really goes above and beyond.