Blogger Betty Ponders Heights

Blogger Betty Noir is seriously considering a move to Brooklyn Heights, but she has some issues:

Betty Noir: I'm in New York. We still haven't found an apartment yet and frankly I'm a bit worried. blake10722 is getting stressed out. Here is the catch: I really like Brooklyn Heights. REALLY like brooklyn heights. But so far the only apartments we have found have been disqualified for the folowing reasons:
1- too far from the subway to make it a viable commuting option
2- too expensive when you consider that utilites are not included
3- too small when you consider that we have two large dogs
4- don't allow dogs
5- located across the street from a prison. seriously.

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  • Claude Scales

    Betty obviously has an expansive notion of what constitutes Brooklyn Heights. I can’t think of any place in the Heights that a reasonable person would consider too far from a subway, and to be across the street from the jail she’d have to be in downtown or Boerum Hill.

  • nabeguy

    It’s more likely her realtor that’s expanding the boundaries. Kind of the way they invented Carroll Gardens as a separate area of Cobble Hill or the Lower East Side being rechristened the East Village.

  • Teddy

    1. What’s too far, I know some people who walk 10 blocks to the subway. They seem to be ok with it (unless it’s very cold outside).

    2. Why do you think a lot of people move away within the 1st year of moving here ? The rents are expensive. There’s a couple in my building who are moving to California this weekend. They also lived in DC for a few years before coming here. Now, they’re moving back to their native CA. They both told me it was because the rent was just too expensive (along with other expenses). They began to look for another apt as soon as they moved in which is common around here, but many of them were more expensive/smaller.

    3. Most apts are small. If you want something bigger, you probably need a better job to afford it or plan to move to a less-desirable neighborhood.

    4. You’re lucky if you find a place that allows dogs. My building doesn’t, in fact a couple once brought a dog in and they had to leave soon after the landlord found out.

    5. It’s probably better than living right next to the BQE.

  • No One of Consequence

    Isn’t that prison closed (for now)?

    In how many apts in NY are utilities included in rent?

    This is NYC, small apartments are the norm.

    Dogs are optional accessories, not requirements. No one to blame but yourself if you can’t find a place that accommodates them, especially large dogs, and two of them at that.

  • ABC

    wow, quite the welcoming committee we’ve got here

  • nabeguy

    See what living in NY will do to you? Welcome to reality, Betty. You’re not in Kansas (or Ohio) anymore.

  • Teddy

    No One, I think they plan to open it again.

    ABC, most of us want to be welcoming/friendly, but we also want to be truthful & to be honest, the truth can really bite in this city.

    “Welcome to reality, Betty. You’re not in Kansas (or Ohio) anymore.”

    nabeguy, if I got a nickel every time someone said that…

  • No One of Consequence

    Yeah, I thought they were going to open it again. I recall some discussion about it here and how new lux condo owners were unhappy about that prospect.

  • NoHe-idea

    There seem to be more dog-friendly apts in BH than other areas in the city… and there are tons of “big dogs” in the neighborhood, so it shouldn’t be that hard. She should try Satans HellHole at 80 Cranberry, I see huge dogs coming out of that building all the time. Judging by the dogwalkers, there are a lot of places that offer pet housing in this neighborhood.
    (wait, is the prison she referenced at 80 Cran?)

  • Claude Scales

    There’s even a song about it.