Yassky Backys Green Taxikys

In a move far more commendable than our headline, Brooklyn Heights man on the scene in the City Council, David Yassky, has come out punchin' for mandatory green taxis. And it got him on NBC's ratings juggernaut Today Show starring the "dreamy" Matt Lauer to boot. 

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Mayor Mike and Councilman Dave are getting a little brokeback cozy with each other over this helping the environment stuff: 

Earlier in the day, Bloomberg made the announcement on NBC’s “Today” show (inset) — and described Yassky (D–Brooklyn Heights) as the man “leading the environmental fight here in the city.”

In a later interview, Yassky seemed to blush at Hizzoner’s ardor.

“He’s so sweet,” said Yassky. “I think that’s fair to say [that I helped convince him]. This mayor is dead serious about cleaning up our environment and getting the city to do its share in fighting climate change.”

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