Daily Gotham Deconstructs Doug Biviano

Daily Gotham’s “Mole 333″ has a beef with Brooklyn Heights resident/ NYC Council D-33 candidate Doug Biviano:

Daily Gotham: I first met Biviano at an IND meeting before IND imploded and I took a possibly permanent leave of absense from their board. Doug was very earnest, thoughtful and seemed very honest and decent. Past times I wrote about Biviano I emphasized that he has little chance, but that I wanted to see him stay in local politics and that he may well have a good future. Now he is starting to use smear tactics and lies that could actually alienate some of the people he might like to have on his side in later years.

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  • mere

    Brooklyn needs Doug Biviano.

  • nicky215


  • In the Heights

    Yes – Really. Go and meet the guy for yourself at his office on Montague Street. He is honest, smart and interested in making real change.

  • Sloper

    David aka Mole333 is a wanna-be, and is probably jealous that Doug’s campaign is picking up steam. I’ve read his posts, but they’re little more than second hand gossip. If he doesn’t support you, then he either demeans you or dismisses you.