Brooklyn Heights’ Annoying Husband Makes NY Daily News

Looks like BHB’s piece on our neighbor and contributor Mark Joyella and his wife Tiffanie Wong’s website, My Husband is Annoying, is generating tons of attention for the couple.

First, our pals at Gothamist picked up the story and today the NY Daily News profiles them.

Stay tuned – the Joyella/Wongs will be on the next episode of The New Homer Fink Show.

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  • Publius


  • Josh

    Awesome! Really liked the “annoying” matching hipster shirts

  • GHB

    My neighbor’s a douchebag. Can I be on TV?

  • AEB

    …but no mention of the “green” sweater!

    OK, as my high-school French teacher used to say when we’d finally driven her to madness:

    “Ça suffit!”

  • tb

    Who does this to their husband?

  • The Where

    I swear to the man upstairs, I will buy a handjob for everyone in this fair nabe if you’d all just calm the %&^#@! down!

  • bornhere

    To me this is just another I-couldn’t be-more-self-absorbed-if-I-tried-so-pay-attention-to-me-and-oh-yeah-to-him-too crap. Really.

  • nabeguy

    Thanks for the offer TW. Sounds to me like you might be in need of one right now.

  • AEB

    I’m calm. I’ve never been so calm.

    Where do I collect?

  • AEB

    Great Wall?

  • Jose Uribe

    Husband is a classic Masochist. I recommend the movie the movie “Secretary” for additional insight into this marriage.

  • AEB

    AOL has picked up this “story” and offers it as one of its homepage “lifestyle” click-to’s.

    Hmmm. Good for the Jews, as grandma would say, but otherwise…..

  • Billy Reno

    All they need is the plus 8.

  • Bart

    At first I commented that he was moderately cartoonish looking. But now that I’ve seen much more of him now, I would say he is more ordinary looking, with very slightly ill-proportioned features: a nose too large and aquline, and a filtrum that is overly equine.

    It’s a good thing he’s annoying, especially to his loved ones because it serves as a warning not to look too closely at this parody of pulchritude.


  • AEB

    Sure you don’t want to comment on his or her thumb to index-finger ratio, Bart?