Open Thread Wednesday


Another week, another …. oh you know what the deal is: 

The weekly "flea market" on Henry Street — useful swap meet or bizarre eyesore?

Why doesn't Kustard King have soft serve anymore?

Trader Joe's — bring it on!? 

BHA House Tour — what would you really like to have seen? 

Pete Hamill and the Roots of Modern Brooklyn.  But what we really want to know is can he and Norman Mailer take Gore Vidal and Dick Cavett in a steel cage death match? 

How many Five Guys Burgers will you eat in one sitting? 

The Heights Players season is coming to an end with State Fair. What productions would you like to see next year?

Joel Novak tells the Post he's leaving Brooklyn Heights because NY taxes are too high. Feh! 

The Hamptons Jitney comes to the nabe on Friday.  Pack your shiny "goin out shirt" and get ready for another season in the sun. (PDF of schedule)

Sure Blogfest is a nice idea, but are you ready for Homer Fink's Bloggeroke?


BHB Photo Club pic by dietrich via Flickr

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  • EJ

    I haven’t been on Montague recently – do we have a date for 5 Guys yet?

  • Claude Scales

    Results of my just-completed Quick ‘n’ Dirty survey of Montague:

    City Market Cafe site – nothing doing.

    Mr. Souvlaki site – this was supposed to turn into a dental clinic, but no work seems to be underway, unless it’s all going on away from the street end of the space.

    Five Guys – from the look of things, I’d say grand opening in about a week.

    All other sites (upstairs from Loft/Jennifer, upstairs from Starbucks, ex-Tapestry and ex-Tas-t-Delite) – nothing doing, except Cincinnatti Photo site, where work is underway, but no indication of what’s going in.

    Steel cage death match, eh? How about the Finks versus Hugh and Louise Crawford? The Heights versus the Slope!

    Bloggeroke? What am I supposed to do, post an MP3 of myself singing “My Way”? Believe me, as a waiter in an authentic Chinese restaurant might say if you inquire about one of the “specials” listed on the wall in Cantonese, “You no like.”

  • Heights97

    Has anyone stopped by St. Francis College to see the “Nannies of Brooklyn Heights” photo exhibit? I’ve been meaning to go. An interesting idea for an exhibit, I think.

  • Since ’91

    My $.02 for today ….

    • Thankful for the lack of soft ice cream from the truck – they typically don’t clean the machines & the ice cream is a bacteria festival
    • Disappointed that Uncommon Grounds doesn’t open in the morning
    • Really really excited for 5 Guys, but wish they had sweet potato fries as good as the Park Plaza diner! Those things are sooooooo good …
    • What’s up with Bentley’s shoes? They have the world’s worst return policy and their sales are always out of date (in the window now is the “Winter Sale” poster – since February) and yet they’re still in business
    • St. Ann’s building looks beautiful. Too bad their students are so rude to the local merchants & residents
    • Does “turf park” make your throat itch? And how will the turf hold up to all the dogs urinating on the plastic?! There are no “No Dogs” signs :( … and how long ’till some unsuspecting toddler is trampled by the adult soccer players?
    • PS8 going from almost closing with under 175 kids to eliminating the science room and maybe the Pre-K because they’re overrun with local kids (emergency PTA/community meeting tonight, 6pm)
    • We need great chinese food … roaches & rats at Lichee & Andys is just discouraging

  • MBF

    So Common Grounds is officially open to the public? How’s the drinks and food?

  • CMC

    uncommon grounds – I have only had the regular coffee, its seattles best, fine. The place itself is charming. Its a pretty small place but each seating area has a character of its own, there is the “family table”, the “readers corner”, the “living room set up” the “casual dinner for two”. The staff is nice and checks up on customers regularly. There is always good music and it now has wifi. I have seen people eating/drinking and have not heard any complaints.

  • Miriam

    i was going out with some friends and stopped by uncommon ground to check it out. we had reservations elsewhere, but i was really glad to see that they have wine (half-bottles, too!) and of course, coffee, since my boyfriend doesn’t drink. nice combo and a nice alternative to spending a lot of money at a restaurant when you just want to hang out.

  • Arthur_G

    “Leaving New York” by going to Santa Fe is like “Leaving New York” to go to LA. Yeah, the geography changes, but for better or worse, not much else. Stick it out.

  • Qbertplaya

    A Hamburger Today ( reports the open date for Five Guys to be June 2nd…can’t wait!

  • Jen

    Henry St. flea market is definitely AN EYESORE. It’s total JUNK! Handmade crafts would be one thing but I don’t want to buy a People magazine from 3 months ago.

    Also, anyone else completely frustrated by the noise (mostly music) from the dorm on Clark St now that it’s spring and people have their windows open?

  • Miriam

    noise in New York. damn.

  • embee

    Ditto for eyesore!
    Speaking of crafts, it’s not in the nabe, but there is a new cool crafts market on Smith and Union:

  • Jen

    The dorm noise is above and beyond NY standards of annoyingness. It’s really bad electric guitar playing at all hours, with windows wide open.

  • Homer Fink

    We’d like to meet the dorm guitarist. We’ll video tape his mad axe skills and let the BHB community decide if he/she indeed rocks or not.

  • Claude Scales

    Homer: It’s your chance to become the Malcolm McLaren of the Heights!