Mystery Dots Perplex Brooklyn Heights

BHB Tipster “SJ” is perplexed by mystery dots:

Any ideas what these markings mean by the sewer grates? I’ve seen them at several locations but I have no idea. I’m thinking it must be a test for a spray paint canister, but nearby there were no spray paint markings of any type. Maybe it is Morse code for the pod people who will eventually take over, or directions for the alligators to find their way home…

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  • on montague

    no, but i am sure to pay attention now!

  • AEB

    …the mean “Peace In Our Time.”

    Or, alternatively, nothing.

  • AEB

    …that’s “they”….

  • Jazz

    To Serve Man

  • Dad

    It’s Morse code for SEND HELP

  • Anon

    It’s likely just indicators for what lines are accessible via that grate, sewer, water, gas, steam, etc. . .

  • anon

    @anon@506pm–First of all, I’m anon. Get your own name. Second, I believe sewer is kept separate from other lines, for obvious reasons. You ever watch the CHUD movie? Also, it would appear on all and not just some sewer grates.

  • Bornhere

    Big A Anon seems to be on to something (although small a anon does have a point): according to (whoever they are), and in response to a similar question from someone in Islip, the following was posted:
    UTILITY CODES RED- Electric power line cables, Conduit & Lighting cable
    YELLOW- Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroluem, Gaseous Materials
    ORANGE- Communications, Alarm, Signal Lines, Cable or Conduit.
    BLUE- Water, Irrigation, Slurry
    GREEN- Sewers & Drain Lines
    PINK- Temporary Survey Mark
    WHITE- Proposed Excavation

  • DW

    The dots are from the DEP … has to do with treatment for mosquitos …

  • anon

    what search terms were used at I couldn’t find it on the site.

  • bornhere

    anon – It was, not city-hall. I can’t remember how I found the site (I think I wrote a small essay in the search), but I found it again by copying and pasting what I posted above. Here ya’ go:

  • Jinjur

    “all your base are belong to us”