Watchtower Not Totally Buggin’ Out

This week Brooklyn Paper's Heights/DUMBO correspondent, Christie "Worldly Person" Rizk reports on the comings and goings of the Watchtower: 

Brooklyn Paper: Selloff! But Witnesses Say They Will Remain King of Kings: The Jehovah’s Witnesses may be selling a third of their Brooklyn Heights holdings, but the religious sect, a neighborhood fixture for almost a century, says it’s not going anywhere.

Talk of an exodus was sparked this week when the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society — the Witnesses’ publishing arm — announced it was selling six of its 18 Brooklyn Heights properties, including the 128-unit Standish Arms Hotel on Columbia Heights. The organization owns another 12 buildings in nearby DUMBO.

“We are selling these buildings because we’ve moved most of our printing and shipping to Wallkill in upstate New York,” said Watchtower spokesman Richard Devine. “But we are keeping a dozen other buildings that we own in Brooklyn Heights. Our worldwide headquarters is still here.”

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