Spring Poem

BHB Photo Club pic by Fearless Leader via Flickr 

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  • JL

    I think this is from a tree at the corner of Hicks and Orange/Cranberry (forget which one). Beautiful tree and poem. Thanks for posting.

  • CMC

    It’s on Cranberry close to Hicks on a Magnolia tree close to the Vet.

  • nabeguy

    Two things you’ve gotta appreciate about this neighborhood…the Magnolias and the people who love them.

  • http://www.poetryman6969.com/spiritual.html Poetry

    Daybreak at the Eastern Edge of the World

    Every day I drive into a Technicolor sunrise.
    Such is daybreak at the Eastern Edge of the world.
    I must cross two rivers before I reach the sea.
    Each river is spanned by thin web of steel and concrete.
    I work a stone’s throw from the ocean and I gauge the tempo of the day by the colors of the sea.
    A dark blue sea portends a calm day.
    A green sea speaks of storms to come.
    A slate gray sea: the storm is here.