Grace Church’s Mission to New Orleans

2009-06: Grace Church New Orleans Mission Trip from Christopher Dawes on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Christopher Dawes traveled to New Orleans in April with members of Grace Church who were on a mission to help rebuild the city. He has just posted a video of the trip along with this comment:

In April 2009, I accompanied Grace Church Brooklyn Heights on a New Orleans rebuilding mission trip. The Episcopal Church had asked me to shoot video of the trip for a documentary that they were producing. The documentary was ultimately canceled, but I kept looking for a way to make use of the footage I had shot. I recorded the audio of an inspiring sermon about the mission trip, given by the Assistant Rector, who had also been a member of the team. As an experiment, I used the audio of his sermon as a voiceover to the video footage of the trip, which by happy accident illustrated the voiceover perfectly. I also added the choir of Grace Church singing as background music. It’s a nice little vignette of the trip that I hope to expand upon.

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  • doctorj2u

    Thank you so much for your help in rebuilding my hometown. You are all angels to me.