Open Thread Wednesday 7/29/09

BHB Photo Club pic by beau-dog

BHB Photo Club pic by beau-dog

Comment like there’s no tomorrow!!!

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  • Paul

    My dog has fleas.

  • John

    Frontline Plus !

  • In the Heights

    Did anyone see yesterday, around 3:30 and man in a long white butcher’s coat standing next to an open van at Henry and Pierrepont? He was selling filet mignon out of the back of the van! It was really weird. It was hard to imagine that someone would actually buy meat out of a van on an 85 degree day. He approached people as they walked down the street. It was weird.

  • AEB

    Homer, may I comment like it’s1999?

  • Teddy

    I just read online that Argentina has surpassed the US for the number of swine A/H1N1 flu deaths (322 vs. 313 for the US). Here’s a link to info about A/H1N1 on the city’s dept. of health website:

  • brooklynite

    anyone see the high speed chase down henry street around 5:30pm yesterday???

  • zb

    Just wanted to inform all of a new development at Waterfalls Restaurant on Atlantic. They now have a pizza oven and are making hot, fresh pita bread. This is not the pita that is more like a tortillia, but a real, warm toasty pufffed up pita. They also have lamb shawarama now, (not shaved from the mystery meat stick, but real fresh lamb) and I think they may start making pizza as well. Anyhoo, had a great lunch and loved the fresh pita served with my meal.

  • promenade

    Salivating in Bk Hts! loved that place even without the oven – thanks zb

  • brooklynite

    they are making pizzas now. They have changed there menu. Looks good but they got chucked the grilled chicken wrap which I loved.

  • Truman

    Based on the PETA ad that’s been running in the right-hand column of this blog re: Ringling Brothers beating elephants at MSG, I’ve decided to not attend any events at Madison Square Garden until they expel the circus. No Rangers, Knicks, Liberty. No concerts. No Westminster. Done.

    For those who care:

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    I have seen orange cones and groups of people going underground in the middle of the street on Atlantic and Court Street. What’s up with that? It’s not construction workers. A view of the subways system?

  • Berkeley Grosvenor
  • Ilikebrooklyn

    @Berkeley Grosvenor — thank you so much for the link. Very interesting.

  • tasty

    Mmmmmm…….roasted elephant on a pita pizza. Tasty! Can’t wait to attend my next (park) Rangers game.

  • Ari

    Truman, I’ll take any Rangers tickets you don’t plan on using.

    Your misguided protest to not patronize MSG will have no impact on the circus’s actions. But good luck with that.

  • Truman

    Thank you, Ari.
    Sorry to say, I unloaded my season subscription.
    Might I remind both you and “tasty” that the last time the circus was expelled from the Garden was the Spring of 1994, when the Rangers won the Cup and the Knicks came close.
    I do wonder what is more lucrative to the Garden, the circus or a 25-game extended season with television and licensing revenue?

  • Teresa

    Rangers’ season ticket holder here…get in touch if you’re interested in any!

  • Andrew Porter

    They used to use elephant ear sponges in clay work, when I was in high school. The rest of the elephant was not attached.

    I believe the last time I saw elephants in Madison Square Garden, Bush was being re-elected. Old they were, and ponderously gray. Both kinds.

  • Joann

    Good luck to you Truman. The people who responded to you are inhuman or just (misguidedly) think they are funny.