Tea Lounge Owner’s Vision for Brooklyn Heights

BHB’s Sarah Portlock visits with Tea Lounge owner Jonathan Spiel at his Park Slope location. Plans for a Tea Lounge at 41 Clark Street are moving along – their application for a liquor license is up for public review at next week’s CB2 meeting.

The North Heights is beginning to bubble up as a “go to” destination with the opening of the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar, the continued popularity of Jack the Horse, Noodle Pudding, Henry’s End, Siggy’s and the Henry Street Ale House as well as the Brooklyn Heights Cinema.

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  • Jose Uribe

    I can’t believe Taza squandered the opportunity to become this sort of place with their weird layout, anti-laptop rules and other generally anti-congregating policies. I wonder if the competition will make them better.

  • vspingola

    Please please please let this happen!!! We wil go!!!

  • Monty

    Honestly, I really like Tazza and I am there pretty frequently. The food is usually really tasty and reasonably priced and the service is much better than when it opened. But I definitely rue the fact that set it up as a restaurant instead of a cafe. With a baby in tow, Tea Lounge is going to be a very attractive option. Any news on Sweet Melissa? It sounded less than hopeful with the last update.

  • starfishncoffee

    This will be nice if it’s not taken over completely by the stroller brigade.
    I’d like a nice place to relax and read and chill without screaming and hollering in my ear.

  • Adam G

    Fantastic! I used to love going to the one in Cobble Hill when I loved there, looking forward to being able to relax over a pot of tea on my way home from work so much.

  • Ramona Quimby

    I am thrilled!! I also really hope this happens. I wonder when, if all goes well, they imagine they’ll open.

  • Montague Mike

    Starfish, have you tried the public library?

  • starfishncoffee

    I can’t drink coffee and alcohol at the public library.

  • starfishncoffee

    I think I made my point and I’m not going to get into a tit for tat.

  • Sammy

    Let’s hope the rugrats don’t bring their chalk and mess the place up.

  • Andrew

    The good thing about the ex-Palmira’s Clark Street space is that it is subdivided into multiple rooms, which should make it possible to segergate the drunk and orderly from the stroller brigade.

    The idea is made of win for the neighborhood.

  • Monty

    If you watched the video or have been to the other locations, you will know that the stroller brigade is one of the target demographics. The space is big and usually pretty noisy which allows kids to make some small amount of ruckus without distracting the staring-at-facebook crowd.

  • Homer Fink

    Regardless of your “camp” – laptop guy/gal, stroller mom/dad, student, freelancer hanger-on etc — if you want to see Tea Lounge become a reality here … I strongly urge you to attend the CB2 meeting on July 27 and voice your support.

    Remember that only negative voices usually rise and mobilize – so it’s critical that if you’re for this venture that you voice your opinion at the meeting.

  • Cranky

    Don’t forget La Petite Marche. Had really good salmon there the other day.

  • http://elonanit.blogspot.com Tina

    As a Seattle transplant – I am VERY excited about the Tea Lounge possibility! I often haul it over to the other location and am always delighted by the service, food options, beer and wine selection and fellow patrons. Fingers are crossed for sure. Can we write a letter of support? I work late and can’t make the meeting.

  • paul

    I went to the court st tea lounge to hear some music the other day in the evening and it was really nice. wasn’t crowded, they had nice beer on tap and also plenty of other stuff for folks who don’t feel like drinking. also the staff was friendly and laid back. I’m definitely looking forward to them coming to the neighborhood.

    in terms of kids, I’m sure these places are a day care during the day but at night it seemed quiet.

  • peppermint

    I’m psyched. I used to frequent the tea lounge in park slope. They have amazing tea and I love their set up. Reminds me of the coffee spot in my little home town.

  • Pauline

    I can’t wait for this to come to Brooklyn Heights!

    No, wait. Co-op boards suck.

    We lose. Again. I’m going to punch my button then take a shower.