Slice of Life


Mike's Knife Shapener was out on Willow Street Saturday, open for business and ringing his bell. 

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  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Always a welcome sight in the ‘hood — and even nicer to hear the sound of Mike ringing the bell like the old days!

  • BP

    I don’t live close enough to street level to hear him coming, but I have seen him once in a while when walking around. Does anyone know if he keeps any sort of scheduled route?

  • sickandtired

    Ah summer is here.

  • nabeguy

    His scheduled route seems to be the entire city, as I heard and saw him clanging away yesterday afternoon on 81st St and West End Avenue! It was nice to hear a familar sound so far from the Heights.

  • BP

    Guess I’ll just start walking the streets with my kitchen knives and hope to run into him. Bring on the lurking creeps!

  • EJ

    I’ve heard horror stories from neighbors (and on chowhound) about knives ruined by these guys. I take mine to Cooks Companion on Atlantic instead.

    Have you guys ever had work done by the truck?