Obama Arrives Under Watchful Eyes

Wondering what the racket was this afternoon? A police helicopter hovered low over the Heights as a flight of Marine Corps choppers, one of them carrying President Obama to his speaking engagement in Manhattan this evening, swooped down over the Buttermilk Channel and landed at the Downtown Heliport.

Update: Yesterday I thought the helicopter noise was particularly loud just before I grabbed my camera and ran outside. Later, the doorman told me that some people were on the roof deck of our building (57 Montague) enjoying the nice weather when the police chopper descended directly over our roof–to within about twenty feet, according to what they told the doorman–to get a look at them and make sure they weren’t up to anything bad. Watchful indeed!

This reminds me of an incident in 1988, a couple of days before Reagan and Gorbachev had a summit meeting on Governors Island. My office in downtown Manhattan had a view of the East River and the Heights. As I was sitting at my desk, I saw from the corner of my eye something flying low over Brooklyn. It was a C-135, the Air Force version of the Boeing 707 jetliner, flying over the Heights at about 500 feet. It turned and circled around, passing over again on a slightly different course, and repeated this several times. It must have been an aerial survey to determine from where someone might be able to get a shot, say with a small shoulder-launched missile, at the site of the meeting or at the arriving helicopters.

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  • Jane

    So was that Obama going home via ‘copter at 8pm tonight – so much noise!!

  • Ocram

    Yes and also noticed many police boats in the water. I was worried – glad to see it was just Obama passing through!

  • Bruce Gregory

    Delighted it was our President that is special – But what can we do about day to day helicopter noise? blg

  • Sam

    Regardless of your political proclivities, one should always feel a sense of pride upon seeing the ceremony of Marine One and the Decoys over New York.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Sam: thanks for sharing that video.

  • bornhere

    Very neat video, Sam. I love this president’s arrivals in NY, and the noise is a small price to pay. Now, if we only could find a car service with music and nifty narration :)

  • No One of Consequence

    Never realized that the choppers came all the way from DC. I thought Pres. flew to nearest base and then short hopped in helicopter.
    Good to know that Commander in Chief will have the view of Dock St. just like in the renderings.
    The price to pay for this president will be both the noise and an unending increase in the national debt.

  • nabeguy

    “A pleasure to fly around New York City” Exactly what Cory Lidle was thinking, I’m sure.