Nabe Web Guru Interviews Chris “The Long Tail” Anderson

Dan Patterson ABC NewsBHB pal/ABC News guy/ Thought Leader/ Nabe resident/Web  Guru Dan Patterson has just posted an interview with fellow raconteur/Wired editor Chris Anderson.   It’s worth listening to if only to find out what size barrel you should sport when the new media fueled full-on economic apocalypse comes.

Anderson’s first book, The Long Tail, has been quoted, mis-quoted and followed blindly by “that guy” in many corporate meetings since its publication in 2006.  In his latest manifesto,  Anderson’s conjured up the concept of Free: The Future of a Radical Price which available now for $16.19 at or “free” [hey man… only a sample for you!] at .  One thing is for sure “that guy” will be quoting it soon in a life-sucking corporate meeting near you soon.

Link to podcast

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  • Dan Patterson

    Thanks for the ping, Homer – I really appreciate it. This was a very interesting interview to conduct. Chris is one smart dude and I was lucky to have so much time with him. While there are clearly some holes in the Long Tail and Free, both represent a shift in the dominate paradigms of how and why business and media succeeds and/or fails. It’s my hope that we (ABC News Radio) can integrate principals of Long Tail in to our news dissemination process. Thanks again!

    – Dan Patterson

  • Maury Postal

    Great interview Dan! The concept of free, especially to the future generations that supersede the Millenials will be an interesting topic to watch.

    All the great, easily accessible content on the web may completely devalue the very idea of “professional” content creators.

    I look forward to future interviews!

  • Homer Fink

    Yes, kudos on the “get” and on the great interview Dan… despite my cheeky write up !