Play Boules! Bastille Day on Smith Street Sunday

Read all the details about Sunday”s big Bastille Day bash on Smith Street at Cobble Hill Blog.

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  • Resident

    The article says that the festivities are on Sunday.

  • bongo

    Actually, it’s on Sunday. See you there!

  • Homer Fink

    Saturday… sunday.. thanks our copy editor is currently hang gliding in Bolivia.

  • Brian

    I was very disappointed in the Bastille Day party on Smith Street. Putting sand down on the street doesn’t make this French. Indian and Peruvian food with Peruvian music certainly doesn’t make this French. And neither does skateboarding. This was just another street party with a bunch of drunk people that was scheduled near Bastille Day. It’s no wonder the French work so hard to protect their culture, because this is what happens when people ignore it. The was a shameful excuse for anything French and a real missed opportunity to expose people to things they don’t normally experience.

  • bongo

    Sorry your experience was not what you expected. But to be fair I think 18 petanque courts with 64 teams playing for close to 6 hours does make it pretty damn French. Merguez sandwiches does make it French. Heavy sponsorship from Ricard and Lillet does make it French. Might I suggest you get down there a little earlier in the day next year before the petanque is over and the pastis has done its devious work.

  • epc

    I too was very disappointed in the Bastille Day party on Smith Street. Given the subject of the celebration, why was there no ceremonial storming of the Brooklyn House of Detention?