Heights Resident Found Dead in Philippines

The body of Brooklyn Heights resident Julia Campbell, 40, a Peace Corps volunteer in the Phillippines was found in a shallow grave according to WCBS-TV. She had been missing since April 8.

WCBS-TV: Mystery Surrounds New Yorker's Death..: News of her death hit this Brooklyn Heights community hard. She was well known and loved. Candles now illuminate the entrance of the building where she lived."A lot of people have been praying and I am so happy they found her so they can bring her home," Michael Rycheck said. An autopsy will be conducted in Manilla to determine the cause of death. Meanwhile, Campbell's family is making arrangements for her funeral in Virginia. Campbell was planning to return home this summer and attend graduate school at NYU in the fall. In the next few days her friends will be planting a memorial tree in their neighborhood and holding a service.


Ex-New York Times Writer, Former mediabistro.com Instructor Found Dead In Philippines [MediaBistro]

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  • http://bccy.blogspot.com frelkins

    omigod i am overwhelmed. i knew julia very well and still have her cellphone number in my phone. she and i took yoga together for years at yoga people. she also interviewed me for a magazine piece and had my house photographed for a shelter magazine where she used to freelance.

    how clearly i remember her beautiful blonde bob and airy laugh – i used to help her up and down as she leaned back into wheel. i also attended her certifying yoga class when she graduated to become a registered yoga teacher. she was an excellent yogini.

    one time she and i had breakfast at the penninsula hotel with a famous photographer. she was so beautiful that day; she always had the greatest sense of style — a simple black shirt and an impeccably cut a-line skirt with her angular glassses and marc jacobs flats. i still have marc jacobs shoes we bought together.

    we used to talk about her boyfriends — the australian, the whoever — all these exciting handsome guys but who were never deserved her. i also remember how she loved going back to kona. julia! how we will pray for you!

    my heart just goes out to her family. when is the memorial service?

  • Cockamamie

    You’re overwhelmed? I’m overwhelmed that a person dies and the first thing you have to blurt out is that “OMG her phone number is in my cell phone”- are you serious? You sound superficial and I think you are ridiculous. Would you want to be remembered by your Marc Jacobs shoes?