Brooklyn Heights’ Tim McLoughlin: Court Clerk by Day, Crime Novelist by Night

The NY Daily News profiles nabe resident Tim McLoughlin, crime novelist/Brooklyn Supreme Court clerk.  His book, Heart of the Old Country is the premise for The Narrows which opens in theaters this Friday:

NY Daily News: Now the 50-year-old Brooklyn Supreme Court clerk, who grew up in Bay Ridge, has turned his childhood memories and stories into a film that opens across the country on Friday.

“It’s literally like an out-of-body experience, seeing these scenes that you thought of being acted out on the screen,” said McLoughlin, who first told the film’s coming-of-age tale in his novel, “Heart of the Old Country.”

“The Narrows” stars another Bay Ridge native, “Law & Order’s” Vincent D’Onofrio – but the two hadn’t met before filming began.

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  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Great book — look forward to seeing how it works on the big screen… Saw Tim read at Magnetic Field and he was great. He also edited the ‘Brooklyn Noir’ collections.