Topless Bridge?


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  • CJP

    What an absolutely, awesome and totally unusual picture! Amazing! When was it taken?

  • Andrew Porter

    “Fog in Channel: Europe Isolated” — famous headline in London about 80 years ago. A great shot; my compliments.

  • Christy Marie


  • nabeguy

    And I thought only Two Trees was capable of obscuring views of the bridge like this. Great shot Claude, you can almost hear the fog horns.

  • Claude Scales

    Thanks to all for the kind comments. CJP: this was taken Thursday morning at about 9:00, during my (almost) daily walk over the Bridge and back.

  • Marcus Hutcheson

    A truly original photo. Amazing!

  • Dewitt

    Maybe the 70 Washington Condo Board will consider funding a giant fan…

  • joe

    looks like a giant ski jump. Truly amazing shot.