Brooklyn Heights’ Best Potstickers Open Thread

Flickr photo by robert165

Flickr photo by robert165

Potstickers, Chinese dumplings and their many iterations have a cult following.  Since there’s no lack of Asian eateries in Brooklyn Heights there are many choices to get your dumpling fix.   What restaurant serves up the King of All Brooklyn Heights Potstickers?

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  • MadeInBrooklyn

    The ‘little juicy dumplings’ from Andy’s are fantastic, but best in the area are Eton’s in Carroll Gardens.

  • Publius

    I make the best Chinese dumplings: pork and chive.

    I buy them frozen from Dumpling House in Chinatown or Vanessa’s on 14th street (same management), boil ’em, then eat them with some red rooster sauce.

  • Monty

    My favorite within walking distance is Chance on Smith St. The beef and pine nut dumplings are great. Other than that, I agree with Publius that the best are the ones I make with frozen dumplings from Koreatown. The best technique is to put them in a pan with some oil until the bottom is crispy, then add a little water and cover until steamed.

  • Adam

    Lichee Nut definitely!

  • AEB

    Not potstickers, not in the nabe, and not to be missed: soup dumplings at Grand Sichuan, 24th and Ninth.

    Or try their wantons in hot oil.

    Or try….

  • alex

    Not a restaurant, but… Trader Joe’s potstickers (especially the chicken ones) are delicious!

  • Publius


    I wholeheartedly second your mention of Grand Sichuan on 9th and 24th. I’m there at least once a month for the delicable crab and pork soup dumplings.

    They leave me won-ton more! (sorry, couldn’t resist some bad Catskills punning)

    For the non-traditional, check out the French Onion Soup dumplings at The Stanton Social on the LES.

  • hickster


  • nt

    eton, henry street in carroll gardens. hands down.

  • Andrew Porter

    I really like the Trader Joe’s potstickers. A subsidiary question: what do people eat them with? I like duck sauce.

  • verité

    Eton’s dumplings are like leaden golfballs

  • David on Middagh

    Eton’s dumplings? Big and meaty! Good Eton, as it were. Nice guys behind the counter, too. Sackett street, just west of Henry; brown awning with itty-bitty logo.