Internet? Feh! B’Paper Home Delivery Returns to Brooklyn Heights

News Corp/CNG’s  Brooklyn Paper is coming back to a doorstep near you.  The paper suspended home delivery some time ago:

Brooklyn Paper: Brooklyn Heights – We’ll target Columbia Heights between Montague and Cranberry streets; plus an area bounded by Willow and Sidney places, and State and Joralemon streets.

Seems like a big chunk of the Heights is being left out of the mix here.  Do you care?

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  • David on Middagh

    I prefer to grab my copy from the Key Food dispenser. I don’t have to stoop as low.

  • LS

    Normally I would be upset that they are not targeting the entire neighborhood, but being from newspaper publishing myself, I understand demos. Question really is…are they going to deliver it whether you ask for it or not? If so, then it’s no different from the supermarket circular packets everyone hates.

  • Eddie The Eagle

    Isn’t this just a ploy to artificially inflate their circulation numbers to make them appear more widely read than they really are? Are they going to cite to potential advertisers the number of copies they freely dump on people’s stoops in Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope as evidence they are reaching a well-to-do audience with disposable income? Even though those papers will go unread?

    I would also like to highlight this line from the article, for those of us who don’t want this garbage:
    Call Lisa Malwitz at (718) 260-2594 to opt out of the home delivery service.

  • E G

    great! It fits the bottom of my bird’s cage perfectly!

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    [Are they going to cite to potential advertisers the number of copies they freely dump on people’s stoops ]

    Good point — I’ll read it if it’s at my door. I’m a news junkie.

  • Gersh Kuntzman

    The reaction of your commenters is a bit odd to me, an inveterate newspaperman. With home delivery, we are merely trying to make a popular product more widely available. Why is that such a cause for the usual “birdcage” and “supermarket circular” comments?

    In invite you all to read The Brooklyn Paper — and then direct all missives, positive or negative, to for prompt publication on our Letters page.


    The Brooklyn Paper

  • Publius

    Gee Gersh, so suprised that the majority of people don’t like picking up your “paper” on their front stoop next to the throwaway supermarket circulars?

    What’s with the “opt-out” ploy? Everyone, including your advertisers know that the “controlled circulation” euphamism is total BS.

    Now that you’re a Murdoch owned mouthpiece, it’s even more of as waste of forestry to put out your dead tree edition. If anyone is interested in your editorials or opinions on ice cream or sandwiches, they can read the “paper” website, which is essentially your personal blog.

    The rest of us will get real news from BHB.