Meet The New Elevators, Same As The Old Elevators

On the evening of Friday, Jan. 20, the entrance to the center elevator at the Clark St. station was barricaded by a yellow folding gate, and a nearby sign informed riders that the elevator would be out of service for the next several days.

If you’re feeling a little déjà vû all over again…you’re not alone.

Less than a year after having reopened following six months of repair, the elevators at the station continue to malfunction, often stranding straphangers who need to be rescued by firefighters.

The veteran transit report José Martinez published a story at The City NYC on Jan. 19 in which he reported that on Wednesday, Jan. 18, the elevator trapped 21 people and one Shih Tzu for half an hour.

According to the story, those entrapped tried unsuccessfully to report their plight via the call buttons in the elevator, with no success. Fortunately, some cell service remained available so that they could call 911. They were eventually freed after climbing a ladder out of the top of the cab.

Since re-opening last May, the MTA has reported “35 non-scheduled service outages and 11 “entrapments” through the end of 2022.

Ride at your own risk…

Support local journalism and read the full, original story at The City–it’s worth your time.

Photo credit: Teresa Genaro




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  • Mike Suko

    Perhaps, this article postdates Teresa’s.

    M.Frost article in B. Eagle

    There’s a little overlap, of course, but there’s also some context/history/etc.