New York Times: Inga’s Bar’s Celery Victor One of the Best Things to Eat in NYC

In the New York TimesWhat to Cook This Week column, Sam Sifton named Inga’s Bar’s celery Victor one of the best things to eat in the City right now. Sifton says, “Our own Pete Wells, who reviewed Inga’s in May, raved about it. As has most everyone I’ve sent to the restaurant, where invariably they take time to text me a photograph of the celery Victor accompanied by heart emojis and OMGs.”

The dish is a tasty pile of “fresh celery, greens and herbs, along with big chunks of Parmesan and dabs of pickled mustard seeds.” Actually, according to Chef Tirzah Stashko’s recipe, adapted for home cooking by the Times, 25 ingredients go into the very complex recipe, including 6 cups of spigarello (what is that and can you get it at the Key Food?) torn by hand into bite-sized pieces. Better yet, just go to Inga’s and text your friends a pic and OMG’s.

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  • Banet

    Having eaten it twice I can attest to how fabulous this dish is. And maybe I’m a glutton for punishment but I might try the at-home version too.

  • A neighbor

    PS. Sam Sifton grew up in the Heights. At a BHA convo a few years back, he opined that one’s favorite pizza is the one you grew up with. His is Fascati’s.

  • AEB

    The restaurant gives a remarkable imoression of not (yet) being open. Are people actually dining there?

  • Elizabeth

    very much so, there is often a 45min plus wait. They are only open Wed>Sunday though, so maybe that’s a factor.

  • AEB

    Ah, yes, that makes sense–thanks.

  • Mary Kim

    I finally went tonight and tried the celery Victor and 3 other plates shared with a friend. All of the dishes were delicious and unlike anything I’ve had before. The cocktails were superb too. Sean Rembold was there and he is a sweetheart. Service was kind and attentive. The bar was packed and buzzy on a Wednesday night. Every table was taken by 7:30.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Do you know what hours they are open? Their Instagram site makes no mention of hours/days.

  • kizz

    Wednesday through Sunday from 5pm to 11pm. On Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays the bar opens one hour earlier at 4pm. The kitchen does not open until 5pm.

    They intend on opening 7 days per week in the coming weeks, I’ve heard. I imagine they are working final “kinks” out in scheduling and what not etc. etc. now before the city gets busy again after Labor Day.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Thank you — so no lunch!

  • kizz

    Right now? No. I envision a future where the kitchen is open earlier on Saturday and Sunday and maybe even weekdays as well. Just walk over there and talk to Sean. He’s a nice guy.