BOOKS ARE MAGIC Coming to Montague St.!!!

Books Are Magic, the second coming, is opening on Montague St.! Owner Emma Straub announced via social media today that the wildly popular Cobble Hill book shop is opening a second location at 122 Montague St. (between Kiehl’s and Haagan-Dazs).

You might remember the Brooklyn Heights Association conducted a survey asking what the community wished for most on Montague St. The results revealed that 80% of responders dreamed of a… BOOK STORE! Followed closely by new restaurants (check) and cafes (check). Also requested were a bakery (check), a fish monger (yes please) and a butcher (let’s hope).

With Brooklyn Poets opened down the block, and Books Are Magic soon to open, who can say Montague St. is still drab? Poetry readings by Poet Laureates and book signings by the likes of David Sedaris are in our future!


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  • Sweeties


  • Jorale-man


  • AEB

    Thank you, Jesus!

  • CassieVonMontague

    Was Heights Books the last time there was a bookstore on Montague Street?

    Was the Lantern Thai location ever a bookstore or am I just misremembering Heights Books?

  • Banet

    Heights Books became Crumbs (yuck!) and is now that Fertility Place… Oola?

    Not sure which lasted longer – Heights Books or Walden Books (which was a terrible bookstore) that is now CitiChemist.

  • MaggieO


  • Clarksy

    Very happy about this; have been wishing Montague Street had a bookstore for years.

  • aeshtron


  • FatFreddy’sCatheter

    Books Are Magicker

  • Andrew Porter

    Emma Straub is the daughter of famous award-winning horror author Peter Straub, author of such works as Ghost Story, Shadowland, Floating Dragon, The Talisman (with Stephen King), Koko, Black House (with Stephen King) and many others, as well as many short stories.

  • meschwar

    Also a best-selling author in her own right…

  • Banet

    And her newest book — This Time Tomorrow – has been optioned to become a movie.

  • Bornhere

    I liked Waldenbooks—my son was little and it was a great resource—obviously not a mom ‘n’ pop, but it was especially convenient in the days before buying everything online. Here’s hoping the new bookstore will start some sort of rejuvenation on Montague.

  • Arch Stanton

    I argue “Jesus” or Christians are for the most part, anti-book. Books spread knowledge and Ideas that might conflict with, and make people question their “Faith”…

    Besides, do you really think the new Bookstore is a result of divine intervention? I mean, even Jesus’s most devout followers are routinely dealt misfortune and agonizing death, despite the thoughts and prayers.

    Perhaps it’s just Capitalism we should be thanking?