EEK! IT’S A GHOST… Kitchen

DoorDash, the food delivery service, opened a “Ghost Kitchen” in Downtown Brooklyn that will be used by a number of restaurants for dine-in, delivery and pickup in the area. What’s a “Ghost Kitchen“? It’s basically a shared kitchen facility that is used by multiple restaurant brands to make their food without having to set up and run their own storefront. So, for example, the same place preparing your DOMODOMO sushi order will also be working on someone else’s Pies-N-Thighs chicken biscuits, or whatever Little Caesar thinks is pizza. It’s all the same!

DoorDash partnered with Nimbus, a ghost kitchen startup, to open the facility. It will also be open for dine-in service as well, but only fits 20 people? might as well pick up and eat at MetroTech or Cadman Plaza. The DoorDash Kitchen haunts 383 Bridge Street, so if you see a restaurant pop up in your delivery app of choice with that address, you’re seeing a ghost!

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  • Mike Suko

    To author Qfwfq – whoever you are!

    Great article. Love hearing a new voice, writing well about something interesting. Only 2 comments – questions, really.

    In case of inclement weather if/when one checks out this “new business,” is it clean and decently lit? I’ve seen what I now guess are “ghost kitchens” elsewhere, and they aren’t “open to the public” for very obvious and understandable reasons. Eating in one’s own kitchen isn’t always possible … or ideal.

    2) Did you happen to see a letter grade? Maybe, I’m naive here, but I *do* feel better about seeing a blue A … and generally steer clear of anything other than that – including “Grade Pending,” because I learned that’s a short-term accommodation when a restaurant is NOT deemed A-worthy but is appealing the verdict.

  • meschwar

    I actually just walked past this place and was wondering about it.

    It certainly appeared clean, though I didn’t notice the letter grade.

    I think you’re right that this doesn’t fit the usual mold of a ghost kitchen, which are usually not open to the public.