Subway Service Alerts: Brooklyn Heights and Nearby

I’m calling this a “Green Light Weekend” because, apart from the long term closure of the Clark Street Station and the lack of late night 2 trains, which also seems to be an ongoing thing, there are no planned service changes that directly affect service at any local stations. Be aware, though, that Omicron has cut a swath through MTA employees – even the vaccinated ones – so that it has sometimes been necessary to cut service on some lines. So, always check MTA Info before taking a train that’s not on the list here of ones not serving local stations.

Next week – late nights Monday, January 10 to Friday, January 14, there will be no Manhattan bound N trains at Court Street or at Jay Street-Borough Hall, but R trains should be running. Apart from that, no planned changes directly affecting service at local stations. Keep in mind, though, always check MTA Info for unplanned changes on other lines, or for changes affecting service at stations to which you’re going or from which you’re coming.

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