BQE triple cantilever meeting Tuesday

This just in! The state Department of Transportation will host its first stakeholders meeting about upcoming construction plans for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway’s 1.5-mile triple-cantilevered highway that extends under the Promenade and above Furman Street. The meeting is at 6:30 pm in the Dibner Auditorium at 5 Metrotech Center, in Downtown.

“The project team and the stakeholders will be active participants in the meeting, and any public attendees are welcome to observe. There will be an opportunity at the end for public comment,” said agency spokesman Adam Levine.

The construction project is particularly sensitive because traffic engineers must figure out how to reroute the 160,000 cars that travel on the roadway each day, theoretically without compromising construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The project isn’t slated to break ground until 2018, but engineers have said they hope to have a plan by 2015.

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  • ABC

    would love to see this thing buried in a tunnel and the park landscaped over it. bringing the park up to the promenade. super simple, I’m sure :)

  • bornhere

    If any more trucks decide to use Henry Street on their way to Atlantic Avenue (especially at 1 AM and later), I may lose what’s left of my mind. It almost seems that 160,000 trucks are already using Henry Street, alone ….

  • AEB

    I lived in Manhattan for many, many years and nothing–nothing–prepared me for the aggression of truck and other Henry Street traffic.

    I’ve come close to becoming a ghost on more than one occasion by simply trying, even after looking carefully, to cross it.

  • nabeguy

    If they had never widened Henry Street for the Cadman Towers, and it had stayed as wide as it currently is south of Clark Street, then truck traffic would never have become as bad as it is now. So much for urban renewal. Given that the the truck restriction sign on Henry and Cadman Plaza West is ignored by virtually every trucker, the closing of the cantilever does not bode well. We can either advocate for tougher enforcement of the restrictions (highly unlikely) or for the intallation of speed bumps.

  • epc

    See for a 2006 document analyzing the BQE rebuild. I cannot tell if there’s been an update since then.

  • nabeguy

    Wait a minute, which hand was doing what again? The Park or the BQE? Between the two, the waterfront will be under siege for the next dozen years. Too bad we can’t wash our hands of both of them.