PSA: Vote in Election 2021!

Reminder: Today is Election Day for 2021, don’t forget to vote! Polls close at 9pm, but vote now and get it out of the way! You can look up your local poll site (as well as see who/what will be on your ballot) at Though some of it may seem like a foregone conclusion (for example, Lincoln Restler is running unopposed for City Council District 33), there are 5 statewide proposals which, if passed, will become the law of the land (of NY State). There are a number of explainers on the proposals — The City, Gothamist, ElectNYC, Bushwick Daily — so educate yourself and make an informed decision. Or flip a coin for each proposal, nobody will know!

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  • cool

    Don’t forget to write-in “cool” for District 33!