Local Electeds Move Against City Parking Placard Abuse

Kings County Politics reports that State Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon (photo) and City Council Member Stephen Levin are urging the city to enforce parking regulations, particularly with respect to abuse of city issued parking placards, in Downtown Brooklyn. As has been noted here before, this is a problem that extends into Brooklyn Heights, especially along Joralemon and Pierrepont streets.

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  • AndyHeights

    I sure hope they look into the line of cars parked every day on Joralemon Street between Clinton and Henry Streets, where there is no standing allowed at any time. These cars have “NYC official business” signs in their windshield or on their licence plate. They often remain all day and make it hazardous for fire engines or emergency trucks of any sort to pass down the narrow street. This street cannot safely accommodate cars parked on both sides.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Good luck. The NYPD is all about flouting the rule of law when it comes to their own power. Parking reform will only be successful if the mayor and city council hold them to account for all of their abuses.

  • neroden

    Someone has to start arresting NYPD criminals. The NYPD is the biggest crime gang in the city and they’re the ones doing most of the illegal sidewalk parking. Until they start being slammed into Sing Sing for official corruption, nothing will change. Start with captains and PBA/SBA bosses.