Brooklyn Group Seeks Homes for “Orange Blob” and “Cuddle Butt”

Gray-cha, the "Cuddle Butt," Needs a Home

Gray-cha, the "Cuddle Butt," Needs a Home

Ernie Salvi served as groundskeeper at First Presbyterian Church on Henry Street for thirty years until his recent retirement.  His health failing, Salvi’s about to move into a care facility in Manhattan and his two cats need homes.  “He is a really wonderful person, and we’re so impressed with how positive and upbeat this man is, despite his situation,” said Dorothy Sherman, Director of the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Rescue Coalition, which is trying to find homes for Salvi’s two kitties, Gray-cha and Orange-cha, before he moves in mid-May. Salvi says Gray-cha was “born under a boxwood in a back garden on Henry Street” 14 years ago, and while he’s shy at first, he warms up fast into a “love bug.”

Orange-cha, the "Orange Blob"

Orange-cha, the "Orange Blob"

Orange-cha “arrived in the winter during a snow storm” four years ago, Salvi says, “a small kitten with a big face and was looking in the window, hungry and cold and I gave him something to eat and he stayed to grow up to be 20 pounds of love.”

Sherman says the group is looking to find permanent homes for the cats, but temporary foster care would help, giving the group time to keep looking for homes.  The cats are up on their shots and Sherman says the group will help “any way they can,” from providing food and supplies, even delivering the cats.

Anybody who’s got some room for an “orange blob” and a “cuddle butt” can contact the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition at or 718-360-9918.

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  • Anne

    Orange-cha should have been pictured next to a tray of lasagna…

  • http://Idon'thaveawebsite,I'monnyours robert russell

    OK, yesterday I wrote a comment about Ernie Salvi after reading about his cats. I explained that I used to live in Brooklyn Heights in the ’70s and knew an Ernie Salvi. I gave facts that I knew about Ernie in the hope that someone would show him my comment because I want to contact him. I live in New Mexico now–since ’87–its been 30 some years since I saw or spoke with Ernie. I’m 60 now so he must be about 65-67 years old. I’ve been searching the Internet for an “Ernie Salvi” for several years and this is the first “match” I’ve found. I’m sure this must be my Ernie Salvi.
    When I checked my e-mail this morning –and your blog– I saw no reference/comment on my posting. I clicked the link to the blog’s staff. No telephone numbers? What’s up with that?
    I understand Ernie’s health is poor. Someone out there in Brooklyn Heights, please respond or help me connect with Ernie. I’m sure this must be the Ernie that I knew so long ago. I’m going to call that animal rescue place in the meantine.
    Here’s my e-mail and telephone number:; 505-247-0491.

    Thanks for your help,


  • The Where

    chill out dude, i’m sure they’ll get back to you.. what? you need a kidney or somethin?

  • bkhgtspeg

    Is there a monitor here?–this is second article I read on blog (1st time)–and each had 1 snarly (and stupid) comment–they aren’t necessary in any neighborhood.

  • The Where

    Peg, this is your favorite foreign movie.