Goodbye (For Now) Notes From Montague Street Local Businesses

Even on a sunny and temperate day like today, Montague St. was a near ghost town, making social distancing uneasily too easy. Many, but not all, of our local businesses are closed. Here are the goodbye (for now) notes they left for us. We can’t wait to have them all back in action…

To create that gorgeous arrangement and green the entire block for us…


To frame those photos we’ve been meaning to frame for so long…


To help us look and live better, all for a good cause…


To steam some dumplings for us…


To spruce up our wardrobe with classic yet fashion forward finds…


To host our kids’ chocolate-making birthday parties…


To help us accessorize any outfit for any occasion…


To double scoop us “caramel moose prints” on a sugar waffle cone…


To give us half an hour of pure purry therapy…


To serve us that spinach artichoke dip and a bowl of mussels…


To give us that perfect cut, color, and blowout…


To ladle us that soul-satisfying pho.


We really can’t wait. Until then, at least we have this essential business.


For other businesses that are still open, check out Montague BID.

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  • CassieVonMontague

    good idea for a post because I’m not going to go around and read all those. The photo links are dead though

  • Andrew Porter

    Photos didn’t load for me, either.

  • Mary Kim

    Fixed. Thanks. Stay safe.

  • Teresa

    This is beautiful, Mary, while also so, so sad. Thank you. <3

  • Jane Van Ingen

    I had the same thought! Thanks for posting, Mary.

  • Jane Van Ingen

    If anyone hears about a go fund me campaign for Heights Cafe, Clark Diner, Grand Canyon, and/or Custom House, let me know. Those are our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood and I want to support them.

  • Mary Kim

    Hi Jane. I was only able to find one for Custom House:

  • Jane Van Ingen


  • Ernie

    Stopped by Custom House. Asked about the GoFundMe. Was told that it is not the restaurant’s gofundme. Looks like it is the waitress’.