We’re Number 2! “Most Livable Areas in NYC”

According to a study by RentHop.com, as reported by am New York, Brooklyn Heights-Cobble Hill is the second most “livable area” in the city, based on “neighborhood safety, quietness, transportation, greenness and overall quality of life during the first quarter of 2020.” The rankings were based on a score of 100. Brooklyn Heights-Cobble Hill with a score of 83.7 was bested by Battery Park-Lower Manhattan which scored 88. Upper East Side-Carnegie Hill and the West Village, tied for the third and fourth most livable, and Manhattan’s Lincoln Square came in fifth. Click the am New York link above for a nifty map with all of the neighborhoods and their scores (for what it’s worth). Here’s the breakdown for Brooklyn Heights-Cobble Hill:

Median 1BR Rent: $3,485
Base Score: 49.3
Cleanliness Score: 94.7
Quiet Score: 89.9
Renter Friendliness: 88.6
Safety Score: 86.1
Total Score: 83.7

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  • TeddyNYC

    I hope it stays that way.

  • http://www.cognation.net/ deancollins

    Just based on the access to multiple subway lines we should rank this high.

    its easier for me to get places in Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights than it was when i lived in Manhattan.

    Love it here.

  • Joey

    Quietness? Ask the people who live on Clinton Street how quiet the neighborhood is.

  • TeddyNYC

    Well, at night at least.

  • Joey

    Near the Rite Aid at Clinton and Joralemon there are always delivery trucks and foot traffic to and from the park. Quietness is rare.

  • Nomcebo Manzini

    Folks – REALLY? People like to be able (many of us) to live car-free, which means having local stores, and you probably don’t want them charging crazy prices because they’re small, … so keeping their shelves stocked involves big trucks.

    And that’s not what’s worst about this manufactured argument (“We’re not THAT quiet.”) You identify one of a very small number of noisy spots in a neighborhood with a few miles of streets, most of which are well below NY’s average in noise.

    The only thing that I rue in this article and ranking is something other comments on BHB have noted. Most of the non-multiple dwellings in the Hts cost North of $5MM. “America’s First Suburb” has never been a secret, but whatever diversity (of all kinds) that exists in B.H. is under pretty severe pressure. And look for retail to be even more constricted.

  • BrooklynHeightzer

    Northern BH starting from around Clark there is constant buzz and ding at night. I also hear people above Cranberry get quite a bit of vibration in addition to noise. I guess we should not complain now – will get much worse once they start the BQE work for a decade…

  • Eddyde

    Not sure how accurate this is. My girlfriend lives in the financial district and it certainly isn’t as green or as quiet as the Heights, also there are less food shopping options. we’re probably tied on transportation, but they do have us beat of restaurants.

  • Daddyo

    Wonder how they measure the quality of life in these neighborhoods “during the first quarter of 2020,” which ends on 3/31/20? Got a crystal ball to look into the future?