Housing Works Thrift Shops Coming Back to Montague St.!

Who says there’s no good news anymore? The tip came from a friend and neighbor via text tonight.

Housing Works is coming back to Montague St.!

You may recall, to the dismay of the entire neighborhood, Housing Works closed shop at the location on Montague off Henry St. in March 2017, and was replaced by Halstead Real Estate. Housing Works will now move into the location that Halstead vacated at 150 Montague St., next to Francesca’s. The best switcheroo imaginable!

We no longer have to trek to Park Slope to donate gently-used items to help fund Housing Works’ invaluable support of the homeless and people living with HIV. Or to find that like-new, stunning, mid-century sofa you never thought you needed, but really do need.

Our little friend Arie says “thumbs up!”

Housing Works 2

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  • CassieVonMontague


  • gc

    Excellent news!!!

  • AEB

    Yay! Housing Works was the best shop on Montague, without exception. It enhanced the BH community. Like Dolly, and paraphrasing, it’ll be so nice to have it back where it belongs!

  • Susan O’Doherty

    Wishes do come true!

  • http://www.yotamzohar.com StudioBrooklyn

    Got an insider tip that the owner of Heights Cafe and our beloved Delaroccos is opening an Italian place in the former Buon Gusto space on the north side of Montague. Mary, you should check out that lead!

  • brooklynbull

    Welcome back, Housing Works – you were sorely missed!

  • Mary Kim

    Thanks for the tip. I shall try!

  • skb

    Fantastic news!! Thank you very much, BHB (and fellow BHers) for “empty storefront news” of Montague Street. This is a welcome one!

  • Moni

    Yes, good news, but overpriced HW couldn’t hold a candle to the Unique Thrift Shop downtown near Macy’s, which I miss a whole lot moe than HW.

  • Andrew Porter

    Overpriced? I bought an excellent Sony DVD player there which I still have, for $10. And all those other things…

    Finally, a place for all those books and stuff people place out on stoops. And the money goes to a very good cause.

  • Nomcebo Manzini

    I, too, am glad to see it coming back. Just remember, commercial real estate is every bit – maybe, more! – of the jungle that residential is. HW had a store on Chambers street. Now IT has been closed. Who knows what the economics of thrift stores are – not I – but it certainly strikes me as plausible that the new location may prove “temporary.” I hope not, but there IS a reason why urgent care, cell phone stores, banks and RE offices snag many/most of the frontage on streets like Montague, 7th Ave in the Slope, etc.

    Maybe, they WOULD be better off on Smith Street or Court in Cobble Hill or C.G., because there seem to be lots more “empties” on those “avenues.” Remember, HW does some AMAZING work, but the thrift stores are “small businesses.”

  • ellymay878


  • greatina

    So excited about this news!!!!

  • greatina

    It sure was.