Last Day of School Means Karaoke Party at Park Plaza!

School’s out for summer! To celebrate, Tommy Eyebrows is hosting a special EXTENDED KARAOKE PARTY TODAY at Park Plaza Restaurant starting at 4:00 pm in the sports bar! Adults take over the mic at 8:00 pm.

In Brooklyn Heights, the family owned Park Plaza is already a second living room. For parents especially, karaoke night is a way for everyone to let loose with their friends, great music and of course, great food. FACT: Chef Dimitri has a formal education from the esteemed Culinary Institute of America. (Check out the new BBQ and updated diner menu HERE) We interviewed Tommy to find out how this beloved neighborhood hang evolved.

How did you get started as a karaoke DJ?

I started karaoke about 5 years ago with a friend of mine. His partner moved out of state and he needed a person to take over on the mic. His exact words were, “Hey you have a big mouth, why don’t you give it a shot?” Once he moved away I took over the gig we originally did together and the rest is history.

How did your relationship with Park Plaza evolve?

A former bartender who used to attend one of my karaoke nights in Bay Ridge told me that Park Plaza was looking to do something different. At the time, the bar area was newly remodeled and was perfect for karaoke or trivia. One week later I met up with Dimitri and we decided to give karaoke a shot. [Two] years later, it has become a weekly event that all ages look forward to. 

What is your favorite thing about karaoke at Park Plaza?

I love my kids! These kids are some of the most talented/adorable kids I have ever seen. My favorite thing about the kiddie karaoke is seeing them grow not only musically but literally. One of my kids came to me for the first time around a year ago and was scared to death to sing, or even for that matter talk in front of people. Now adays, you cant take the mic away from him!

When we switch over to the adults that’s when I can let loose a bit. I have met some really amazing people from the neighborhood that have made Park Plaza a weekly Wednesday Night hang out.

What are your favorite songs that people sing?

Whenever I hear a 8-10 year old kid sing a song that is way before [their] time, that truly makes me happy. I’ve had kids sing Hotel California, Imagine, Disco Inferno and of course with me, …Piano Man. Also to see these kids sing Broadway tunes is mind blowing.

Don’t forget the adults! My job is to make everyone stop worrying about things in life and enjoy the moment. If you can sing well I will praise you, if you cant sing well but you are having a blast doing it, I will be your number one fan! From 6-11 every Wednesday I want the bar to be a No Judgement Zone! Sing whatever you want, get to know the people who are at the bar, and just have a good time!

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