It’s Pride Month: Here’s What’s Happening

June is Pride Month. The Brooklyn Historical Society has an ongoing exhibition at their 128 Pierrepont Street (corner of Clinton) headquarters, On the Queer Waterfront: The Factories, Freaks, Sailors & Sex Workers of Brooklyn which will be on display through Sunday, August 4. Other events in the Borough are listed on the Brooklyn Pride website. Update: There’s more here.

Photo: Benson Kua via Wikimedia Commons

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  • AEB

    When Brooklyn Was Queer–click on the link–is a marvelous look at LGBTQ life and times in our borough, and particularly in our own nabe.

    Did you know that we were the epicenter of gay and, generally, bohemian life in Brooklyn? That BH was, in the wonderful parlance of the then, “wide open”? I didn’t–but now I do.

    We weren’t always Gristedes and Duane Reade, you know; we were Whitman and Crane and 7 Middagh, the home of Gypsy Rose Lee, Carson McCullers and W. H. Auden, among others. And much “transgressive” else.

  • Andrew Porter

    The Heights was where all the old established couples lived. It’s no coincidence that Pineapple Street features so prominently in “Angels in America.”

    But AIDS ended that.

  • Reggie

    But AIDS changed that.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Just a note of reality…besides all this being a absolute marker of a civilization or nations sharp decline, just ask some parents prior to aids how many teenagers and even children were “approached” inappropriately during that era. Just ask some now safely retired 84 pct Cops the “incidents” they saw. Again, this is just a note of reality guys……

  • AEB

    No, it is a note of bigoted hate and ignorance. Begone, Jeffrey. You and your opinions are vile.

  • Arch Stanton

    As I recall you used to “approach” young men and attempt to seduce them into your white supremacist, Neo nazi ideology “civilizations sharp decline” indeed…

    Fortunately, as told here in the past, you were given an appropriate and physical rebuff…

  • Jose Rolon

    See. I like you here. lol.