Attention Dog Owners: Canine Influenza

From the good folks at Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital, we learned today that there have been at least two confirmed cases of canine influenza in our borough. They sent us this helpful link from Merck Animal Health.

Although the bivalent flu vaccine is not mandated by New York City or State, BHVH recommends that all dogs receive it, and are now strongly recommending it, given the local cases. They advise that no vaccine is 100% effective at stopping transmission, the vaccine may help reduce the severity of the symptoms if your dog gets infected.

Symptoms of canine influenza:

  • High fever (103+ºF)
  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • cough (dry or with sputum)
  • nasal discharge (usually clear in the early stages but may become yellow and/or pink-tinged).

If your pet shows any of these symptoms, avoid taking your dog to places s/he might have contact with other dogs and contact your veterinarian.

The canine influenza vaccine requires two injections, two to four weeks apart, and annual boosters. If you’d like to have your dog vaccinateed, you can contact BHVH at or 718.624.1200.

Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital is located at 59 Hicks St, corner of Cranberry.

Photo: Dr. Heather Thomson and Minnie, taken by Teresa Genaro



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