It’s Kitten Season!

Spring is here (right? It really is, right?), and with it the annual explosion of kittens that need to be rescued, vetted, and homed. In our community, Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition and Brooklyn Cat Cafe are on the front lines, accepting kittens and mamas, trapping cats to spay/neuter, and helping a lot of felines find homes.

On May 2, the Cat Cafe will host a session for people interested in learning to care for kittens as a foster parent. Bottle-feeding, monitoring weight, and making sure that babies go to the bathroom are all part of neo-natal kitten care, and foster homes are crucial, as kittens that need extra care are generally euthanized at city shelters.

kitten skills


Fostering a neo-nate too much of a commitment? Apply to foster cats that are older and more self-sufficient.

And if bringing a feline (or three) into your home isn’t a possibility but you still want to help, you can donate to support BBAWC’s work.

In other Cafe news: Welcome to Brooklyn, Feline Royalty!

Royal Fur-maly

We are honored to welcome the Queen Mum, and her four kittens: The Duke of Cat-Bridge Purrince William (in his tuxedo), Cat Middleton (stylish tabby), petite Meghan Meow-cle(all black with a white tail tip) and fun-loving and foolish (grey) Purrince Hairy. They look forward to streaming their antics to adoring fans as soon as the camera is fixed.

Or…you can head to the Cafe at 149 Atlantic Avenue (between Henry and Clinton) and visit the cats and kittens yourself, and follow along on social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


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  • Jorale-man

    The Cat Cafe should send someone down to Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park to round up some of the strays there. Maybe they could find a better home that way.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Well, you know what they say about trying to round up cats…?

  • Teresa

    The Cat Cafe has been trying to work with BBP for several years, and I believe that progress is being made. I tried to engage BBP in a program of feeding/TNR a couple of years ago, and they refused to respond to message. I’m hoping that that’s no longer the case.

  • Diesel

    Ooh, I’ll volunteer to help, he he he.