Garden Pl. Mug

Police are looking for three teens who held up a person near the intersection of Garden Pl. and State St. shortly before 8:00 tonight. The perps were wearing hoodies, displayed “what appeared to be firearms” (although they may have been fakes), and fled east on State St.

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  • joseuribe

    These recent violent crimes have all happened within a stone’s throw of the
    Court St. Leow’s. It’s like a modern day pool hall.

  • add1

    It’s actually a UA movie theatre. But I have heard others say that it is a
    magnet for youths that prey on local residents.

  • Teddy

    I’ve lived close by for a long time and can’t recall the last time there was a mugging there. We need more cops walking the streets.

  • BB

    That is the rowdiest theater I’ve ever experienced. When it was first built, I made it part of my weekends. These days, I wouldn’t be caught there if they were giving the movie tickets away.

  • davoyager

    I remember a time, not so long ago, maybe 10 or 15 years, when the folks on Garden Pl. had a security guard sitting in a car I think 24 hours.
    I really don’t think those days are about to return, and I think it’s important for people to see how much change there has been over the years and today.

  • bornhere

    da- Garden Place was my preferred dog-walking street 10-15 years ago on the 11 PM jaunts; other than some “security lite” I saw in place for the then schools’ chancellor, who lived on State at the foot of Garden Place, I can’t recall any visible, Garden Place-specific security presence.

  • BB

    Another crime haven that is located near State Street is that strip of road called Aiken Place.

    You can walk there ANYTIME during daylight and the streets just glitter with fragments of broken car windows. That’s been the Devil’s Playground for years.

  • GP

    The security on Garden Place back then was for the Schools’ Chancellor who lived on State. I lived on that corner at the time myself, and my apartment was burglarized twice in a year.

  • lifer

    The Heights has always attracted muggings. Its a neighborhood where people have stuff to take, and many take the richness of the neighborhood for granted and walk around with their head in the clouds. There were muggings long before the movie theater came in, and blaming the theater, however undesirable it is to many Heights residents, is not completely right. How many reports are there during the summer of sidewalk diners on Montague st. getting purses snatched because they aren’t paying attention?, how many ipods and phones get taken because people are too busy using them instead of being aware of their surroundings? Even the banks on Montague get robbed more than any surrounding neighborhood, this is all from the movie theater?,, not

  • joseuribe

    The movie theatre contributes to the problem. Any fool could see that. In the past few months there have been at least two muggings at gun point and a few instances where groups of teenagers have assaulted local residents — one resulting in a 15 yr old going to the emergency room with a broken jaw. This all happened within a stones throw from the movie theater. Getting rid of it won’t solve all of life’s problems, but it would make life around here a little better.

  • my2cents

    I think the movie theater helps because the cops know exactly where to go to nab these miscreants after they mug someone. It’s like a porch light for rapscallions. :-)

  • nabeguy

    Methinks I hear the cry of the knights who say NIMBY. Anybody remember what was there before the UA? A run-down-raincoat-crowd-Travis-Bickle porno theater. So now we have a multiplex and everyone’s reaching for their torches. Pick your poison folks, but accept the fact that we live in an urban metropolis, not a walled enclave. Predators go where the money is easy, and the fact that the sidestreets around the theater (Schermerhorn, State, Livingston) happen to be underlit gives them an advantage. I seriously doubt that there are d-bags out there saying to themselves “Let’s go and catch that new movie…oh. and on the way, let’s mug someone for popcorn money”

  • No One Of Consequence

    Have you seen the price of popcorn?

  • nabeguy

    Good point. I guess the real muggers are in the theater, not lurking around it.