[Update: Found!] Another Lost Cat: Help Find Bruno!

Update, June 3, 11 am: Bruno was found last night in a neighbor’s garden. Welcome home, Bruno!

The good news is that Rosie was found early, early this morning and returned to her relieved owner.

The bad news is that another neighborhood feline escaped his carrier on the way to Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital this morning.

He is a tabby with no tail and he was last seen on Grace Court and Hicks. If you see him, please call 718 624 1200.

PSA: Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital suggests taking extra precaution when transporting your pets. Be sure that your carrier closes well and is secure, and that you know how to use it. If you need to borrow a carrier or help otherwise, call the hospital at 718.624.1200. They are happy to lend carriers and help transport animals.

Cats tend not to stray too far from where they escape, so folks in the area, please keep your eyes open for Bruno.



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