PS8 Auction on Thursday night

On Thursday, April 2, the PS 8 PTA will host its third annual auction to raise money for the school’s enrichment programs.

Parents and the public are invited to the event, which is at Hillis Hall at Plymouth Church (75 Hicks St., at Orange Street) and starts at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $50 in advance and $75 at the door, and are available through the PTA’s website.

The catalogue is available here [pdf], and features items like vacation homes, handbags, jewelry, yoga lessons, and kids’ cooking lessons from local restaurants and bakeries.

The auction proceeds help support programs that bring in artists and musicians to complement the curriculum. Last month, violinist Mark Peskanov from Barge Music visited and taught the kids about how to make and play the violin.

For more information, visit the PTA’s website at

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  • Nancy

    they should use some of the money to buy those poor kids prep books for the citywide tests so they don’t get an F again this year.

  • Eddie The Eagle

    Right. Because every kid in PS8 is perfoming so miserably despite scoring well above the citywide average. Maybe they should just shut it down.

    Nancy, why do you hate Brooklyn Heights so much, and PS8 in particular?

  • Nancy

    wake up and smell the roses Eddie. I’m not making it up. PS8 was one of a very few shools city-wide to GET AN F. THAT IS AN F!!!! in the city’s “report card” of public schools. Why are so many people in total denial of this? You have to accept the fact that the school messed up badly before you can start to address the problem. What makes people like you so oblivious to facts? Or do you think tests and exams in general are petite-bourgeoise preoccupations not worth bothering your patrician head about?

  • No One Of Consequence

    This discussion about grading has happened before, so forget about it. It’s a highly flawed system that means next to nothing.

  • The Where

    Nancy go back to your real estate job or whatever it is that you do. And we’ll see you next Tuesday.

  • Nancy

    such arrogant snobs in Brooklyn Heights, you don’t care a fig about the kids in PS8 and never have. It is like many of you live in your own world. La-la land.

  • nabeguy

    I’ll take la-la land over Nancy-world anyday. And I challenge any 2nd grader of your choice to a spelling contest with my daughter.

  • Eddie The Eagle

    Nancy, I suppose you would rather see PS8 turned into a parking lot? Is that the source of your consistent ire towards the school?

  • nate

    you know guys, nancy has a point. The school did get an F, and although I’m sure the test was not perfect, and maybe the school really deserved a D. still and all, it was a lousy showing. Some of the PS8 parents I know complety shrug off the test results. They “know” the school is welcoming and nurturing…but if it got an F….y’now, this is supposed to be a merit-driven system, there is improvement that is needed and not just with nabe guys gifted daughter but with all the children including the children of color from poorer families that attend the school. I think most of all, the school has failed them.

  • Carlo Trigiani

    Agreed Nate. Nancy does have a point.

    PS 8 has some work to do. The grades will get better as parents and students work with the administration and faculty to improve the school. The arrow is heading up

    The goal should be every kid performing at grade level. No exceptions, no excuses.

    Having said that, I invite you and Nancy to participate. Come to the auction. Enroll your kids in the school. I’m convinced it’s the best school in the neighborhood. Let’s improve it together.


  • nabeguy

    Nate, thanks for the compliment, but my daughter is just a normal kid who has received what I consider to be an exceptional education at PS 8, far better than the one I received when I attended the IGC classes of PS 8 in the 1960’s.
    Carlo, as a fellow PS 8 parent, I agree that the school has some work to do. But given the methodology behind the grading system, which is based less on overall scholastic levels, but on comparative improvement from the previous year, I doubt that PS 8 will ever achieve an A grade, sorry to say. How do you improve on levels that are already high unless you start teaching to the test? I don’t think any PS 8 parents want that.

  • Carlo Trigiani

    Dear Nabeguy,

    I understand that many components go into the overall score. The test showed that (from my feeble memory) 63-68% of the kids tested were reading and doing math at grade level. That’s the most important component to me. We shouldn’t be satisfied until every kid is at least at grade level.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m sure you will.

  • Proud PS8 Parent

    Nancy -what I am interested to know is how much time have you spent at the school, getting to know the principal, the teachers and how many students do you know?

    The success of this school can be measured by the increase in attendance. It has doubled since my daughter started in 2004. If parents were so concerned, we would go elsewhere – am I am talking about people who can afford private schools, people who have the means and education to have options. The increase in population in the school has been from the Heights!

    Nancy, if you really care so much about the school, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is, show up on Thursday night at the auction and spend a bundle of cash. We are happy to take your money.

  • nabeguy

    Carlo, I know better than to argue with your numbers. And I concur that, as parents, we should not accept anything less than 100%. Having not researched the numbers, I admit that the ones you cite are discouraging, but going back 5 years (which the grading does not reflect) there has been a vast improvement in the overall level of education at PS 8. With the support of all the parents, and the neighborhood (I’m talking to you Nancy) it can only get better. Fundraisers of this kind allow the school a financial cushion that gives it the flexibility to hire and train TA’s to support the primary teachers in classes, as well as providing funds for the marvelous enrichment programs (Marquis Studio e,g.) that differentiates this school from the norm. So please come and bid freely. It’s not just the great offerings that are on the block, it’s the future of our kids as well.

  • Carlo Trigiani

    Well said Nabeguy. Let me be clear, PS 8 is a great school now. As Proud described, my wife and I enrolled our son there because we feel it is the best school in the neighborhood (no disrespect to the privates.)

    We have a great faculty and staff. But equally importantly, we have parents who actively participate in their kid’s educations – everything from homework to fundraisers.

    Come on down Nancy. And bring your checkbook.

  • Proud PS8 Parent

    Hey nabeguy! You rock! Your last post was so eloquently put. I will be there with checkbook in hand and ready to spend on Thursday night! The Fundraising Committee has done an outstanding job with the auction again this year. When one looks at the source of the donated items, you get a sense that the community is happily supporting the school. It’s a great thing for all of us.