Our Neighborhood Pizza Nightmare Is Over

Because this was posted in Fascati’s window tonight.



And throughout the nabe, there was rejoicing.

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  • Concerned


  • Heightsman

    Made my weekend.

  • Andrew Porter

    There is a [pizza] God…

  • JaneonOrange

    Spoke to him. He said he stayed a couple of extra weeks in Italy. Who can blame him? I told him there was neighborhood panic setting in and he blushed.

  • Concerned

    Is there a better excuse for taking extra vacation from a pizza man? Love it!

  • Taters

    These are the hardest-working guys in the pizza biz. They deserve whatever they take.

  • Justin Racz

    When I heard the news, I called. They picked up. I just wanted to hear that voice. Fascati’s. And then I knew all was well with the world. Making heroes today? Yeah. Small salad with vinegar dressing? Yeah, give us 10-15 minutes Justin. They still remembered my order. Love those guys.

  • Andrew Porter

    Has anyone explained what the delay in reopening was about?

    My main concern is that Fascati’s, with several other stores on that block, are “rate-payers,” and hence subject to someone buying them in order to build an in-fill structure, as happened with the Heights Cinema and the Eagle newspaper buildings.

    Brooklyn Historical Society photo of what used to be there: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4043d6935f4e8809c990e6b8b42b82bba905f736e512fcae65e0033f44b6273.jpg