Your Weekend Subway Clusterf… er, “Advisory”


Keep in mind subways will be operating on a holiday schedule Monday ("President's Day"). Those of us with the misfortune of working for employers who hate presidents should take note.

The 2/3: Running normally in Brooklyn, they take over the 1's duties in Manhattan, and run local between Chambers and 96th streets. In protest, the 1 refuses to stop anywhere between 14th and Chambers, and the downtown 1 goes even farther and skips stops between 34th and 14th streets. I don't understand it either.

The A: Running locally between Euclid Avenue in Brooklyn and 168th Street in the Bronx Manhattan. Downtown/Brooklyn-bound trains skip 50th, 23rd and Spring Streets in Manhattan. Please plan accordingly.

The C: Again, it won't be running at all. Listen to Strayhorn and take the A train.

The F: Brooklyn-bound trains skip York Street in Brooklyn, as well as 2nd Ave, Delancey St, East Broadway, and Broadway/Lafayette in Manhattan. DUMBOners returning from Manhattan should take the A to High street and walk the extra few blocks.

The N: Manhattan-bound trains run on the D line between Stillwell Avenue and 36th Street. All N stops in between are screwed. Consult the MTA's Weekend Service Advisory for alternate travel suggestions, or for more details on other subway disruptions.   

photo: tehmaxx via Flickr

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  • wayne

    think this is a great friday addition…easier to understand than the cr@ppy site.

  • webster

    That pic was the perfect addition to this post.

    Balances out the stark eek of the advisory by presenting a light bouquet of LMAO.

  • Claude Scales

    Thanks for the link to the Wikipedia article on “Take the A Train”. Ella’s version is great, but, for me, the definitive one is what I’m listening to now; the one on Ellington Uptown, with vocal by Betty Roche, which lopes along with Strayhorn or Ellington (there is some controversy over who played on this 1952 recording) on piano, Wendell Marshall on bass and Louie Bellson on drums, until the vocal ends and the full band takes it up, climaxing with a lilting tenor sax solo by Paul Gonsalves.

    Perhaps my least favorite version was done by Lawrence Welk’s orchestra, after which the maestro said, “That was the great tune by the great MIS-tuh Duke Ellington, “Take a Train.”

  • Eliot

    Good job overall, but the A train does not go to The Bronx; that’s 168th Street in Manhattan (Washington Heights).

  • Qfwfq

    D’oh! Thanks for the catch, Eliot.