Brooklyn Heights Added to Neighborhood Policing Program

The Eagle reports that our local 84th Precinct has been added to the NYPD’s neighborhood policing program. According to the Eagle story:

Neighborhood policing — the modern version of the cop on the beat — is meant to build stronger partnerships between police and their local communities. Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) work closely with the community to identify and manage local concerns, the officials said.

The same two officers will be assigned to each sector every day. They will be briefed on local concerns and given appropriate resources.

When we have further details, such as the identity of our NCO, we will report them.

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  • Michael

    Excellent step forward!

  • WSW

    Yes this CAN be an advance IF the program is run with no games from City Hall and 1PP. But since there has never been a program in this city without some kind of games all this bears close watchfulness.

    But the real issue is the ratio of population and vulnerability of infrastructure (which in this area is huge) to the total number of personnel available for for patrol. This in officialese is called the PATROL STRENGTH.

    Listen guys, EVERYONE reading this should be “asking” the assorted types in every public office this basic question. You should be asking this at every public hearing you can attend at like 8000 db. volume. It the case of politicians you’ll see the discomfort and evasive answers you’ll get. But everyone with any brains has to really press on this issue. Hey, politicians and “policy makers” want you to pay maximum taxes and give you the minimum level of services you’ll sit still for. It the caseof amounts of police protection…don’t kid yourself, it’s your life that’s involved……

  • Andrew Porter

    If you’re “asking…at like 8,000 db,” you’re screaming, and that’s an excellent way to be disregarded.