Poplar Street Community Garden “Tending Day” Saturday

Love plants, flowers, fruit and veggies? Want to get your hands dirty tending them? This Saturday, June 4 from noon until 3:00 p.m. the Poplar Street Community Garden, located at the northwest corner of Poplar and Hicks streets, will have a Garden Tending Day.

We’ll be planting and transplanting, trimming shrubs, pruning trees, removing spent blossoms and out-of-place seedlings, turning compost, repairing structures – all while enjoying the Garden and each other!

Bring gloves and tools if you wish, or use ours. No experience necessary – just a desire to connect with the Garden’s life.

You’re welcome to join in the work, or to just watch and get to know the garden and the people–
Cindy, Ram, Maxine, Barbara, Natalia, Sven, Tom, Laurie, Oswaldo, Isabel, Rita, Joan, Sacha, Maggie, April, Houbi, and Angelica–who are its stewards.

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  • Andrew Porter

    I often go to visit. I get my fix for gardening at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but decades ago would have given my eye-teeth to be able to put my hands into the soil—even if it is a few feet from the roar of the traffic along the BQE!