Is the School Rezoning A Success? Early Signs Say Yes

Families were sent their Kindergarten admissions offers letters on Tuesday.  As reported by Politico, the re-zoning of P.S. 8 an P.S 307 shows early signs of success.  Unlike last year, there is no wait list for P.S. 8 and 148 students were offered a seat at the school.  Historically there is about 20% attrition among those offered seats.  If that is the case this year, there are likely to be five Kindergarten sections.  P.S. 8 Principal Seth Phillips referred to the tension caused by last year’s waitlist but added the school would likely regain it’s music room and possibly the drama room as a result of the re-zoning.  “I think this is going to work out well for everyone in the long run.”

At P.S. 307 56 in-zone students were offered seats opposed to last year’s number of just 18.  (Part of the DOE’s reasoning for the re-zoning was to create a sustainable number of in-zone students for P.S. 307).  “There are now new opportunities all around. With more students you get more funding,” Principal Stephanie Carroll said. “We’ve got tons of partnerships, and any student coming into kindergarten here will have that added advantage.”

DNAifno reports that Kindergarten waitlists have shrunk 9% over last year. The article has the complete list of all the NYC schools with waitlists this year.  DOE officials reported that 49,000 students, or 71 percent, received an offer from their first choice school, down 1 percentage point from the year before.

To accept their Kindergarten offers families must contact the school directly to make an appointment to pre-register by April 8. Pre-registering their child(ren) does not prevent them from receiving an offer at a school where they are wait-listed.

The P.S. 8 website advises:

“If you received an offer letter for PS 8, you may visit the lower school main office to pre-register Monday through Friday from 9am-12pm by April 8th, 2016. Ask for Ms. Cloud or Ms. Carrier.

The DOE requires the child’s presence at registration. Bring documentation of the student’s age and proof of residence. Click here for a list of required documentation.”

Click HERE for additional registration information for P.S. 307.

EDIT: This post has been updated with registration information for both P.S.8 and P.S. 307.

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  • District 13 parent

    This is great news. Congratulations to all those who worked to make the rezone a success, to the benefit of both schools and the children who attend them!

  • petercow

    Thanks, Obama!