Seen In Brooklyn Heights: DOT Car

The DOT, Parked Illegally

A DOT car, on Montague near Hicks, in front of the Bossert. Still parked there as of 10am this morning. I dunno, it amused me.

Photo provided by World's Worst Photographer in the World

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  • James

    It is not only official cars that park illegally. We are having a big problem with people who have handicap permits and are parking illegally on the street. I do not remember seeing this in past – it seems to be a recent thing. Now, I don’t have a problem with giving people special permits to make things easier, but the streets of the Heights are very narrow (that is why it is legal to park only on one side) and I have watched emergency vehicles struggle to get by these cars on more than one occasion. Either it is a safety issue or it is not – and if it is a safety issue, something should be done about it before something dreadful happens.

  • wayne

    I saw a parked car get wiped out by a school bus trying to make a right turn (parked car was parked illegally too close to the end of the block, and the bus driver kinda sucked).