Charlie Sahadi Retiring; Daughter and Son to Carry On Business

The Observer reports that Charlie Sahadi (photo), who has run Sahadi’s since 1964, when he inherited the business from his father, is retiring effective this week. Taking over management of the store, a fixture on Atlantic Avenue between Clinton and Court streets since the late 1940s, are Charlie’s daughter Christine and his son Bob, both of whom have been involved in its operations for some time. The Observer piece quotes Christine as saying that, beyond a new coat of paint, no changes are planned “because the customers are happy.”

According to the Observer, Charlie and his wife Audrey are looking forward to a vacation in Texas. There is no indication, though, that the couple plan to move to the Sunbelt. Our guess is that for years to come we will still, from time to time, get a warm greeting and a smile from Charlie at the store that bears his family’s name.

BHB photo by C. Scales

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  • W.R.

    Sahadi’s is one of the highlights of our wonderful ‘hood

  • Roberto Gautier

    Japan has long honored a group of artists and artisans as “national treasures” with key contributions to its cultural heritage. Charlie Sahadi is on my list of Brooklyn Treasures. He is a 21st century retailer/importer with the genuine feel and training of an old-fashioned shopkeeper. Imagine pointing to what you want in Sahadi’s bustling spice, nut, dried fruit and candy market with a cheesemonger’s corner next to it, coffee beans ground to spec, a home kitchen preparing dishes to go with a feel of a turn-of-the-century emporium? Charlie has had a more than 50-year run as a food purveyor who knows his customers’ names and asks them for suggestions about his customer service and product suggestions. This is something that chain stores cannot offer. Best wishes to Sahadi’s second generation transition.

  • MaryT

    I can’t imagine Charlie not there, generating his special warmth and humor and style. But, time travels forward and so will they. Best wishes for all the Sahadi family!

  • jrak

    I recall talking with Charlie some time ago about why, unlike most merchants, his store was closed on Sundays. He said that was the day for his family to be together and he was committed that. I’m glad that the family will continue to operate the store which, as others have noted, is neighborhood treasure.

  • Andrew Porter

    Was talking to him last week: I mentioned I was 69, and he admittedly to being 71. I’m sure this has been in the works for many months. And while the person in charge changes, there’s continuity in the employees and the family, plus their suppliers. And have you seen those pristine new trucks they have, which supply a lot of other stores and restaurants? The store is strong, as is the company.

  • Quinn Raymond

    Sahadi’s is always the first thing (of many) I mention when I’m telling people about our community.