School Re-Zoning Vote Tomorrow, Large Crowd & Press Expected

REMINDER: The P.S. 8/P.S. 307 re-zoning vote will take place tomorrow night.  Below is the District CEC13’s announcement in its entirety including agendas.  The public is strongly encouraged to submit final comments via the CEC’s online form today.

“District 13 Community,

A reminder that tomorrow is the PS 8 / PS 307 rezoning vote. 6:30pm at PS 56, 170 Gates Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

We expect a very large audience for this meeting as well as a significant press contingent from both local and national media outlets. We strongly encourage you to arrive by 6pm at the latest to get a seat.

The working session will start very promptly at 6:30pm and be immediately followed by the calendar meeting. It is during the calendar meeting that the PS 8 / PS 307 rezoning vote will occur. See agenda and notices:

There will be a final and, compared with the previous meetings on the rezoning topic held to date, brief comment public period at the start of the calendar meeting before the vote itself. Speakers are encouraged to be pithy and to the point. We strongly encourage everyone and anyone who has final comments to make for the DOE and/or CEC to use the online form to submit them today at

Thank You,

Community Education Council for District 13
170 Gates Avenue, Room 121
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: (718) 636-3212 | Fax: (718) 636-3238″

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  • sue

    yet in the middle of all this our councilman levin justifys a library towercondo .. which can have up to 300 apts.. if the developer chooses to make them smaller

  • HereToStay

    Lord. The studies have already shown that the number of children added to the schools are nominal, at best. Same ol, same ol.

  • urban planner

    nope. they show that for every 2 bedroom apartment, they add about 1 kid to the schools. 3 bedroom, 2 kids on avg. that’s a lot of kids.

  • HereToStay

    That is just false.

  • AbeLincoln

    Here to stay is a developer

  • Concerned

    Worse. He/she is probably paid a nominal amount by developers to attempt to present their arguments in this forum. Go cash your $10.00 check HereToStay!!!

  • Slyone

    Are there really studies that say this? Would be great to have references, if there are.The School Construction Authority (developed for all of Brooklyn based on data from the 1990s, as I understand it) says it’s 0.29 public elementary school children per apartment. It’s aggregated (all size homes), so I don’t know if it breaks down as you say. According to the SCA formula, the library project will bring about 40 additional school kids to the PS8 zone.

  • FC Bklyn

    isnt ps8 in bklyn heights…dumbo needs to build a school p.s. ,yes?

  • HereToStay

    My family and I live right here in the community and are not paid by anyone and are not developers. Like most people we know, we want to live in a forward-looking city that is dynamic and changing and open to new ways of looking at things. I see nothing wrong with development and feel most people are for it when done correctly. You are just a select few who hate change, are jealous of people with money and perceived power (developers) or just stuck in some kind of 1960s radicalization mode of fighting everything. Why wouldn’t I want a new library, nicer condos that help real estate values go up and let others enjoy our hood. Why wouldn’t I want a whole new Pineapple Walk with shopping that could be the envy of other neighborhoods and is now just an embarrassing dump. Why wouldn’t I want a delapodated movie house to be a nice new building? And why would I care that some classes would have some more kids and there would be some more cars on the road. All the naysayers of development are just stubborn and short-sighted. Jesus, when I went to NYC public school there were 44 kids in my 4th grade class. We all came along just fine.

  • Bornhere

    Space is finite. Much of the charm of Brooklyn Heights has been based, in part,on the absence of ugly new construction and an aversion to cramming as many people (even if they are so frightfully rich) into a small space. Especially when infrastructure does not keep up with the demands of an increasing population, there is nothing good about more cars, more people, less peace, less character. Not everything need be assessed in terms of “real estate values.” And name-call as you choose, but the Heights seemed so much more “valuable” in decades gone by. You really don’t know what you missed. Really.

  • Andrew Porter

    About the proposed redevelopment of Pineapple Walk as a massive, 40-story tower, Cadman Towers is hosting a Forum from 7:30 – 8:30 pm on Wednesday, January 6 in the Community Room of 101 Clark Street that is open to all Heights residents. You are invited to learn more about the potential redevelopment of the Whitman property and hear the concerns of other Heights residents.

  • Reggie

    Sly, his screen name is “urban planner.” How dare you question his statistics?

  • StoptheChop

    Really shows the need for appropriate contextual zoning around a lowrise historic district!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    My patrons pay a little better than that. I keep telling them “it doesn’t matter, this blog comments section, while informative and a wonderful community, is not going to make or break your development efforts” but they’re all “no, take our money and keep shilling!” They don’t even read the comments. It’s crazy. So if HereToStay wants a pay bump I’d be willing to give a reference.

    Oh yeah, developments are good, school overcrowding is a myth, etc., vote for Hillary in the primaries.

  • Jen

    I remember hearing way back when that there was a proposed school in one of the Dumbo towers. Of course that never came to fruition

  • Jen

    I call bullsh*t. Most everyone I know with 2 kids has a 2 bedroom and bunk beds.

  • Lady in the Heights

    A middle school is going into Dock Street.