Brooklyn Heights Resident Killed in Fort Greene Curb-Jump Accident

Tragically, The NY Post and multiple news sources have reported Brooklyn Heights resident, Victoria Nicodemus was killed at 5:30 pm this past Sunday evening when a speeding Chevrolet Suburban swerved to avoid a city bus and jumped the curb on South Portland Avenue near Fulton Street in Fort Greene.

DNAinfo reports Ms. Nicodemus was holiday shopping with her boyfriend when the car struck them along with another pedestrian.  All were taken to Brooklyn Hospital Center.  The driver, 39 year-old Marlon Sewell, is facing charges of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.   Per StreetsBlogNYC, the incident marks the 14th fatality caused by a curb-jumping vehicle this year and the second resident of Brooklyn Heights to fall victim in this manner in the past three years.

Ms. Nicodemus, 30, was a Curator for Indiewalls, an online service that connects artists with buyers in the commercial sector.   She graduated from University of San Diego with a B.A. in Art history and was a native of Dutchess County.  Arrangements for services have not yet been made.  We at BHB send our deepest condolences to Ms. Nicodemus’ family, loved ones, friends and colleagues.

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  • StudioBrooklyn

    This is horrible. My condolences to her friends and family. I’m an artist registered with indiewalls, it’s possible my work had passed through her hands at some point.

  • Concerned

    God damn these drivers!!! I am so sick of it. These vehicles are killing machines. FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD!!!
    But since there are too many selfish, idiotic, inattentive, myopic idiots that drive, we need more enforcement on the streets. We need more traffic cops that actually write speeding tickets and violations. They would pay for themselves!!! Is this part of vision zero? How many people have to die or be maimed!?! You don’t even hear about people being maimed and losing arms and legs because it happens so often, unless it’s the MTA that does it.
    How many god damn times do we see people breaking traffic laws EVERY DAY!?! Just in Brooklyn Heights, I see multiple red light runners, speeding, dangerous turns, on a daily basis.
    I honestly have avoided night events at BAM in the last few years, because the last one I went to, it felt like I was in a nightmare trying to cross the street in the cross walk. It was insane. When one car making a right turn would stop to allow me to cross, another car would go around it and almost hit me. No one has any idea what it’s like to have a car bearing down on you like that unless you’ve experienced it. You see how fast and wide the car is and by the time you think of moving, you’re nailed unless the driver sees and reacts to you, first.

  • Concerned

    And another thing. This is NOT an accident. This is negligence at the very least!!! This driver MADE CHOICES to break safety rules that he knew could lead to a collision!
    For those of you out there that say “he didn’t mean to hit this women so it’s an accident”; that’s incorrect. If he meant to hit the woman, that’s a criminal act.
    The word accident is a bad word when it comes to car wrecks and police forces, safety administrations, etc… are starting to not use it. Because it implies that no one is at fault and that’s wrong in about 99.9% of traffic wrecks. So please, let’s not let up on any of these drivers by calling this an “accident”. The guy was unlicensed and ran up on the freaking sidewalk for God’s sake!!!

  • petercow

    Damn bike lanes.

  • Willow Street Watch

    A lot of really bad conditions have converged in this event; The accident investigation service NYPD simply doesn’t have the support from upper management to become the deterrent it needs to be. Again, perhaps it should be a separate independent govt agency. But further, there is no focused investigation into WHY we are having a mounting wave of these incidents. There are many serious well done studies which show a decline in functionality. Not that it was a factor in this case, but just the huge population of current and former “recrrational” drug users in today’s society. How detached/distracted/dumbed down is the average person today? Churches are silent on the decline of society. Many will say “so what?”…well, incidents like this (and a lot else) in today’s world are what….