New Plan for LICH Site: A Dormitory?

According to Capital New York, our erstwhile neighborhood hospital may be slated to become…a big dormitory.

Following local outcries against Fortis Property Group’s plans to build high-rise luxury condos on the same, the developer has put forth another plan, which can, according to the story, be constructed without neighborhood feedback.

Fortis Property Group, the developer that bought the beleaguered Long Island College Hospital, shocked neighborhood residents last week when it floated the idea of a 260,000 square foot student dorm on the site.

The proposal, which can be built as-of-right without local input, comes amid a heated debate about the future of the site and could pressure community leaders to negotiate a rezoning that would include more development, but farther away from the center of the neighborhood.

Read the full story at Capital New York and check out renderings at the Fortis site (h/t to Curbed, which also covers the story today).


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  • Jorale-man

    Those renderings should send a shiver up the spine of anyone who lives in and cares about this part of Brooklyn. Very frightening.

  • TeddyNYC

    None of those buildings should be taller than 150 feet, which based on one building in a rendering would be about 14 or 15 floors.